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Crew of the USS Veritas


Lieutenant JG Leona Pierce

“Go ahead… Make my day! -Leona Pierce”


  • Full Name: Leona Pierce
  • Date of Birth: 237104.24
  • Species: Cygnian (2/3) / Human (Korean/French) (1/3)
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair Color: Brown (She sometimes dye's it Red).
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Languages: French (Native tounge), Cygnian, English, Latin, and Vulcan

Professional History

Starfleet Academy

While in the academy Leona proved to be far ahead of her classmates in terms of raw mechanics and she quickly matched the best of her class in other areas as well. Her attendance was perfect and her overall performance was exemplary, except for the times when her outspoken nature and hot-headedness got her into trouble. Had it not been for the rather long disciplinary record she had acquired while attending the academy, she might have even been chosen as a candidate for valedictorian.


Leona was initially stationed on in the Midway Repair Facility -A Midway Repair Facility and Starfleet operated shipyard located between Gorn/Tholian, Federation, Romulan, and Klingon sections of space in the Ithassa Region- where she served as an engineer for one year and was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade. With the rising threat of war with the Tholian's on the horizon and the shuffling and reallocating of resources within the Federation and Starfleet, Leona soon found herself being transferred to a new post on the USS Montreal that could make better use of her skills.

After serving on the Montreal and for a brief time on the USS Astraeus Leona transfered to the USS Veritas where she serves as the ships Maintenance/Damage Control Officer.

Her unwavering dedication to the ideal of the ATPS -The Anti-Terror Police squad, owned by the Durrant Company- and her obsession with her custom-built gun are the two largest factors that get her into trouble in Starfleet. Leona's approach to criminal activity is much more brutal and unforgiving than Starfleet's and she struggles to operate within her new career rules on such matters. In addition, she was initially restricted from using her personal gun on duty because it is a highly lethal ballistic weapon. After many hours off requests and appeals, she was finally approved to carry the weapon after it's FPS (Feet per second) and the resulting maximum force was reduced by 32% and only with restricted ammo use. She is only allowed to use non-lethal ammo's such as beanbags, shock, and sticky rounds, and in rare cases flashbang or tear gas rounds.

Personal History

Leona had a strange upbringing. She was raised on Earth in Montreal, Canada, where her mother and father worked at the Cygnian embassy. Both her parents are hybrid Human/Cygnian's of varying percentages, which resulted in her being born approximately 1/3rd Human and 2/3rd's Cygnian. Her Human genetic heritage lay mostly in the Korean and French bloodlines. Leona was born with Human features like Dark Brown hair and 'regular' eye's, but like her Cygnian peers, she is a rather slender girl and has a mouselike tail -which she often kept hidden in her pants until she joined Starfleet. She is also taller than her parents.

She was raised in a manner that promoted a female dominant atmosphere, but not as strong as had she been raised on Cygnet XIV. She has always been a hot-headed girl and she rebelled against her mother and father's life and rules by dressing and acting like a tomboy against their wishes. Her family was not so strict that she needed to rebel through and the phase faded fast with her teenage angst starting around the age of sixteen. Her tomboy like personality was there to stay in many ways still, however, like in her hair and clothing choices, and her attitude when not around her parents or the important people her parents worked with.

Leona joined a private police recruitment program when she turned eighteen. She graduated quickly. She was an excellent police officer and she is proficient with armored vehicles and has urban combat training. Leona was assigned to the Anti-Terror Police Squad on Gridir, a colony world with no law enforcement of its own. She was the only woman on active duty in the ATPS, which had earned a reputation for knuckle-dragging misogyny. Leona was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, which isn’t the usual case among the TPS who usually are recruited from America. She served as an officer for two years as a combat engineer until the age of twenty when she resigned on good terms and joined Starfleet Academy. Leona designed and built her own gun while with the TPS. Her gun is a large pistol that has three attachments that turn it into a medium-range rifle.


She’s a trigger happy nut with a gun and/or a vehicle. She loves all sorts of mecha and machinery (a classic or unique bike can certainly distract her), but her true love is her custom-designed gun. She also has a motorcycle collection at her house in Montreal. Her devotion to her gun is obsessive, excessive, even erotic in its intensity. People wonder if she’s sane about it. Even touching her gun will throw Leona into a fury. This is in part a result of a particularly influencing sermon she received from her squad superior after wrecking her first Tiger tank, as he yelled that only men were able to truly *love* tanks, guns, and other 'manly' things and she would never understand. Leona was raised in a female dominant atmosphere and could not tolerate such a view upon her so she immediately devoted herself to proving him wrong any chance she got. Leona is hot-headed, impulsive, and has a short temper. She’s quick on the trigger and almost always applies too much firepower to any situation.

  • Even in Starfleet Leona follows the values of the TPS.
    • These include a conviction that:
      • 1. There is an actual state of war against crime in many of the territories and worlds of the Federation. In addition, the people in charge and the innocent majority are turning a blind eye to it.
      • 2. That criminals are worthless scum and few if any have chances of true redemption.
      • 3. That there is no such thing as too much firepower. Ever.
      • 4. That the ends unconditionally justify the means when dealing with criminal elements in times of crisis.

Physical Description

Leona is a skinny but fit and muscularly toned woman.

  • Build
    • Skinny, fit / Toned
  • Height
    • 1.66m
  • Weight
    • 56kg

Habits and Abilities


  • Leona spends a good deal of her time fiddling with and cleaning her personal devices, especially her gun.
    • She even has a tendency to begin upgrading or repairing things without asking or being told to.
  • Leona is secretly obsessed with 1920s-1940s stories and music. She can sometimes be found on her free time in the holodeck running some sort of old school story or event program.
    • Leona has also been secretly practicing her singing, often in the late 1940s themed holodeck bar program she designed. She sings many things from her favorite era's and some times throw's in pieces from other time periods, simply giving the computer the command to have the holo-characters ignore the abnormality.


  • Leona is very skilled in hand to hand combat.
    • Leona was trained in the following martial arts upon joining the private police academy:


As a Youth

  • As a child, Leona was known for being hyper and impulsive.
  • When her teenage years set in she became known as a bit of a trouble maker and rebel.
  • As she neared adulthood her reputation had improved, and although still seen as a bit of a rebel by most, she earned respect due to her dedication and achievement of her goals and responsibilities.

As an Adult

  • Leona comes across to some as a man or too manly from time to time due to her general demeanor and personality as well as her hairstyle and the common choice of clothing, but under her gruff tomboy appearance, she is a beautiful and oddly sensitive woman.
  • Leona is still known to be rash, short-tempered, and rebellious, but in a much more mild nature than as she was as a youth.
  • Those who have worked first-hand with Leona or lived around her long enough speak in high regard of her abilities as an engineer.


Universal Agreement Gnosticism

  • Leona loosely practices Universal Agreement Gnosticism which is derived from a variety of ancient and modern religious ideas and systems, originating in Jewish-Christian milieux in the first and second century AD on earth and broadened by the systems and involvement of other sentient species such as the Vulcans, Denobulans and Bajorans.
Full Article: Universal Agreement Gnosticism

Notes, and Trivia

  • The picture is of, and some inspirations of this character have been based, on the character Leona Ozaki from the anime series Dominion Tank Police.

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