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Orion Syndicate
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Lena Josett
Occupation Scoundrel
Status Approach With Caution
Species Bajoran/Cardassian
Gender Female
Age Late Twenties
Birthplace Kalim City, Musilla Province, Bajor
T/E Rating 0

Lena Josett, a Cardassian-Bajoran hybrid, is a pirate and all-around scoundrel often found in the employ of the Orion Syndicate.


  • Height: 1.70m (5' 7")
  • Build: Athletic, solid
  • Hair: Brown, curly
  • Eyes: Brown

Lena is an olive-skinned young woman of unremarkable height, her lissome frame solid with muscles forged out a clear dedication to her own fitness. Attentive to her surroundings, she moves with a casual, unhurried swagger, purposefully heavy on her feet. Her mixed heritage is obvious on first glance; cranial ridges less pronounced than in a full-blooded Cardassian, framing a pair of keen bronze eyes, the "spoon" on her forehead melding into a very Bajoran nose. Her long, curly hair is often left to be a little wild, sometimes pulled back into a ponytail if things are very serious.

She favours dark, rugged clothing and solid boots. Lena typically carries a disruptor stowed in a shoulder holster under her jacket, as well as a small concealed phaser and at least one knife, often tucked into her boot.


Lena is practical and realistic, with a determined streak that often means she gets what she wants. She's easy-going with most people, and confident in her own skills and abilities. Her friends and associates typically describe her as friendly but private, calm with a tendency toward sudden spontaneity, and a curious soul who has little patience for formal studies. Everything is treated as a joke — at least outwardly — and she allows few things (or indeed, people) to get under her skin.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Energetic, yet relaxed
  • Creative and practical
  • Spontaneous and rational
  • Cool in a crisis
  • Excellent prioritiser
  • Stubborn
  • Insensitive
  • Easily bored
  • Excessively private
  • Takes unnecessary risks


  • Card and Dice Games: Lena has an extensive mental library of various games of chance (and how to cheat at them).
  • Sketching: She usually has a couple of sketchbooks on the go, with images of the places and people she's encountered.
  • Fitness: She apportions a part of every day to keep herself in good shape, with both weight training and cardio.


Known Friends & Associates

Name Relationship Description
Oliver Zuccaro
Friend / Partner in Crime More than just a "Known Associate" as listed in her FedSec files, Ollie is one of the few people Lena would consider a friend. She's genuinely fond of her fellow treasure-hunter, revelling in their shared joie de vivre and their adventures are the stuff of pirate legend in Hai Tac Outpost and beyond.

Associate Lena is a known favourite of the captain of the pirate vessel Labyrinth's Scream. A clever man, he's managed to fend off attempts from subordinates and rival captains to take his command, often turning the situation back around to his advantage. He treats his crew well, his enemies without mercy, and his victims are left unharmed, so long as they do what they're told. If they don't... well, then they fall into the category of enemy.


Name Relationship Description
Siyel Josett
Lena's mother was a Cardassian scientist who worked at the Bajoran Institute of Science during the Occupation of Bajor.

Kadera Josef
He married a few years after the Occupation ended, starting a new life and family.

Kadera Vodan
Younger, half-sibling
Lena's younger sibling is unaware of her existence.

Kadera Teeda
Younger, half-sibling
Much like her brother, Teeda has no idea that she has an older sister.

Personal History

Early Years

  • 2368 (Age 0): Born at the tail-end of the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor.
  • 2369 (Age 1): She accompanies her mother to Cardassia when their forces withdraw from Bajor. Her mother's relatively low political status and power in the Union results in no immediate consequences for Siyel, though she is aware that she has little hope of advancing her career or position in society with a hybrid child.
  • 2375 (Age 7): Lena is orphaned during the Battle of Cardassia, and courtesy of Cardassian disinterest toward their orphans, is left to fend for herself on the streets.

Teenage Years

  • 2381 (Age 13): Stows away aboard a Cardassian transport ship, intending to escape to Federation territory and seek out her Bajoran family. Unwittingly chooses the wrong ship, and ends up in Syndicate space instead.
  • 2385 (Age 17): She is arrested during a Starfleet Security and Intelligence operation targeting the Syndicate. Her youth and history earn her little sympathy, and she is tried and convicted as an adult, sentenced to 15 years for an assortment of crimes.

Adult Life

  • 2391 (Age 23): Released from prison on the grounds of good behaviour. Within the year, she is back with the Syndicate.