Laudean Non-Playing Character Listing

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The Laudeans

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Ahishma Chandra

Played by Toni Turner

  • Female
  • Former Elected Prime Minister of Laudean Government and Leader of the Naturalist Party

Zeon Zrong


  • Male
  • Former Prime Minister of Laudean Government assassinated by the Romulans

Paetra Zrong


  • Male
  • Former Election Candidate

Vail Daysa

To be played by Toni Turner

  • Male
  • Elected Prime Minister of Laudean Government, 2388
  • Former Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Chandra
  • Spouse: Britta Daysa

Britta Daysa

To be played by Toni Turner

  • Female
  • Laudean Cultural Director under Prime Minister Chandra
  • Spouse: Vail Daysa

Dr. Peji

To be played by Toni Turner

  • Male
  • Medical Advisor at Lokesh City University.

Eion Linco

To be played by

  • Male
  • Director of Intelligence.

Erlina Treva

Played by Miles Unum

  • Female
  • Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Daysa

Kenneth Afallach

Played by Alucard Vess

  • Male
  • Leader of the Til'ahn First Party
  • Crime Boss
  • A candidate in the 2388 Prime Minister election.

Federation Embassy Workers


Emperess Meskhenet

  • Female
  • The "Golden Empress." Generally seen as one of the most well-loved and influencial royals in recent history.

Emperor Thaman

  • Male
  • First Emperor from the House of Mohan in 800 years. Father of Vikram III.

Emperor Vikram III

  • Male
  • Emperor of Til'ahn at time of the revolution. Grandfatherly, but sometimes unjust. Son of Thaman.

Duchess Akanke

  • Female
  • Wife of Vikram III, from the House of Onitsha (Rania Kingdom). Indivar calls her a "vampire."

Crown Prince Regent Indivar

  • Male
  • Considered somewhat idle by the people, and promiscuous among the aristocracy. Son of Vikram III.
  • Official title "Crown Prince Regent of the Kingdom of Govinda, His Royal Imperial Highness Indivar Mohan"


Duke Ramos

  • Male
  • of Hawa Mahal Duchy, Govinda. One of Indivar's lovers.

Arch-Duke Narayan

  • Male
  • one of Indivar's lovers. Son of Duke Kalkin.

Duke Kalkin

  • Male
  • of Kirhal Duchy, Govinda. Father of Narayan.

Lady Sylphie Shaphire

  • Female
  • Coven Leader - Manaria United (Rania).

Other Characters

Retlian Fexa

Played by Toni Turner

  • Male, Peddler
  • Presumed killed in a bombing 238303.13

Lt. Obyal Vasax


  • Male, Laudean Lieutenant
  • Killed in a bombing 238303.13

Balvido Gaev

Played by Toni Turner

  • Male, Underworld Boss
  • Presumed killed in a bombing 238303.13
  • Came out of hiding 238604.15 seen on DS24.


Played by Brell

  • Female
  • Leader of the militant separatist group, Til'ahn For Laudeans.
  • Known to Public and Aristocracy by her alias Valtina Youn.

His Grace Nuren Aadi

Only Played by Toni Turner

  • Male
  • Coven Member

Krista Katic

Played by Cam Bunag

  • Female
  • Laudean Student

Rakin and Soroi Rahi

Played by Toni Turner

  • Laudean Husband and Wife

Kavlin Basai

Played by Nugra

  • Laudean Professor of Ancient Sciences
  • Laudean Historical Association

Aedan Ionhar

Played by Brell

  • Male
  • Observer With The Laudean Liaison Office

Eghan Callum

Played by Brell

  • Male
  • Former Personal Guard to Vail Daysa
  • Current Head of The Laudean Liaison Office

Other Notables

  • Livaamda Reind - leader of the local rebel cell in the southern sector of Lokesh City (sim. 103)
  • Prince Kenneth of Devi - deceased; friend of Indivar (sim. 113)
  • Prince Ajani of Rania - social contemporary of Indivar (sim. 113)
  • Ruthia - Laudean mid-wife in Lokesh City who delivered Dr. Ebrin Tarn and Herala Voxx's son on stardate 238201.16, and was later killed by Rena.