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Poems from The Ancient Period

Poems from the Pre-Fielding League era

Poetry from The Period of Enlightenment

The period of Enlightenment came after Diamoclease I founded the Fielding League.

Watching the Feldleser Blinding Light around him,
Feeling the power of his presence,
I can't help but to cry,
At this man so intune with the covens,
Untied they all look to him,
The first Feldleser,
All watch in awe,
To the most talented of us all.
~ Anon.

One of the oldest poems from the early days of the Laudean Fielding League, this poem is so old nobody is sure of the poet's name.

The period of Kings

Works written when the Monarchy ruled Til'ahn. These were generally written by the upper class for the upper classes

The period of Modernity

Works from Modern Til'ahn, once Hi-Tech technology took power. Changing Laudean way of life -particularly following industrial revolution and the development of Manar.

Poetry from The Period of Neo-Enlightenment

A group of Laudean writers who returned to more traditional routes of poetry as with the lost Period of Enlightenment.

The Post-Warp era

Works from the successful development of Warp Drive.

The Revolutionary Period

Works dealing with the turmoil of recent revolution.

The contemporary period/ Republic Era

Modern day works by living Laudeans

Short Stories