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The ability of Laudeans to sense all manner of energy is called the Fielding.

Most Laudeans are born with some ability, while a small minority are born without it completely.

Training and Cultivation

All children who possess the ability (the majority of the population) are given regular daily lessons on controlling and using the Fielding. For some particularly powerful children, the sense can be overwhelming at times, causing headaches, nausea, vomiting, and in some extremely rare cases paralyzation. The source of the psychosomatic symptoms is unknown, though it has been suggested that it is connected to an overload of the nervous system.

Control of the "sense" requires discipline taught early in childhood. Exercizes of practice usually include meditation and deep breathing methods, which allow a child to internally dampen the intake of sensory information. Children of higher intelligence seem to more easily gain control of the sense at an earlier age.

Manner and Ability

Those who exercize the Fielding have extraordinary powers to visualize and comprehend the size, strength, and proximity of energy fields. In research done, Laudeans have shown the abiliity to sketch detailed graphics showing "topographical" maps of energy fields.

Laudeans who possess the Fielding generally describe the sense as a feeling of "vibrations," which translate internally into a semi-visual experience of the energy fields, much like bats sense sound waves. In contrast, however, Laudeans are not participatory in seeking out energy fields -- instead, they sense them regardless of the actions they are performing.

Interestingly, Laudeans are able to focus the ability to sense both extremely large and extremely small fields. They seem to be able to discern the fields of energy each source broadcasts, linking the hierarchy from proto-atoms to stars. They describe energy fields as having "halos" which begin with proto-atoms as the smallest unit. Larger are groups of atoms, and cells. Only the most powerful Laudean Fielders are able to focus on these tiny units. Less powerful Fielders are able to sense energy fields on the cellular and tissue level and above.

The Fielding League

Early in Laudean history, numerous institiution grew around the Fielding, and those who are most able to sense energy. The Fielding League has been the most powerful of the institutions, and has shown a remarkable modern popularity, due in part to the oppressive control of the population in the past.

The Fielding League current consists of a hierarchy of leaders, facilitating local ministries of Fielding "covens." These covens gather regularly to practice using the Fielding, which some Laudeans seem to believe has the ability to heal one spiritually, when used in the proper manner.

The highest body of the Fielding League includes the Elders. Through constant use and practice of the ability, these Elders seem to show the most talent of understanding energy fields throughout the entire population of Laudeans.