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  • Planet Name: Lanaxa
  • Location: Par'tha Expanse
  • Class: M
  • System Data: Lanaxa has no moon
  • Gravity: 0.94 G
  • Year and Day: 352/25
  • Atmosphere: Nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere with ozone and carbon dioxide content, at Earth-normal pressure
  • Hydrosphere: Moist, with 72% surface water
  • Climate: Moderate and temperate
  • Sapient Species: 650 million, mostly Caraadians
  • Technological Classification: Rating N on the Richter Scale
  • Government: Aristocracy
  • Culture: Agricultural
  • Affiliation: homeworld of House Lanaxa
  • Resources: Mistwater, foodstuffs
  • Ship Facilities: Lanaxa has three land-based starports

Other Details: Lanaxa is the capital of House Lanaxa. It is a mild world of steep mountains and deep fertile valleys. Its economy is based on agricultural exports. It is the breadbasket for many worlds in the Par'tha Expanse.

Lanaxa is a warm, vibrant planet that appears as a swirl of green and brown when viewed from space. It has three main continents, but numerous large islands that support populations are also prominent. Most of the land is covered with tall, jagged mountains, especially the large islands. The remainder of the surface is rolling plains and valleys. Coupled with the moist atmosphere and warm climate, these fertile areas support agricultural plots which easily feed the population with plenty left over for export.

Due to the high moisture content in the atmosphere, the mountain peaks are typically enshrouded in billowing cloud cover. Perched on top of these mountains, the nobles of House Lanaxa have constructed fantastic castles. Carved from the mountains themselves, they provide a spectacular view that every tourist cherishes. Subterranean chambers extend deep into the mountains, providing an easily defended stronghold.

The plains and valleys are populated by the nobles' indentured servants. There are no cities per se. The population is spread among thousands of agricultural plantations that serve as mini-cities. These plantations consist of living areas, work areas, and support services for the workers. The exceptions are the starports, one strategically located on each continent. The immediate areas surrounding these have grown with cantinas, hotels, and restaurants, but little else.

Culture. Lanaxa's class system is a bit more defined than in other houses. At the top resides House Lanaxa

Kumauri, for a slight profit.

Lanaxa has a unique product fast becoming the latest fad in the region. An enterprising company has developed an apparatus to extract water from Lanaxa's copious cloud cover. The resulting water is ultra-pure. The water is bottled and sold under the label "Mistwater" and commands a high price. The process has very little end product, so the company is having trouble supplying the demand as Par'tha's elite craves more of the water.

Points of Interest. The many-spired "floating castles" of Lanaxa are known throughout the sector. The castles are featured on holocards and holovids, and tourists come to Lanaxa to take in the spectacular sight with their own eyes. The elite travel from all over just to be part of one of the spectacular galas hosted by House Lanaxa in these castles.