Lagor Ciro

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Solerian Sector

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  • Planet Name: Lagor Ciro
  • Location: Solerian Sector
  • Class: M
  • System Data: Lagor Ciro has six moons
  • Gravity: 1.01 G
  • Year and Day: 367/25
  • Atmosphere: Nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere with ozone and carbon dioxide content, at Earth-normal pressure
  • Hydrosphere: Moderate, with 72% surface water
  • Climate: Warm and temperate
  • Sapient Species: 2.3 billion, mostly Caraadians
  • Technological Classification: Rating N- on the Richter Scale
  • Government: subjugated world of the Peirs Coalition
  • Culture: Manufacturing, processing
  • Affiliation: Peirs Coalition
  • Resources: technology, luxury goods
  • Ship Facilities: Lagor Ciro has three major land-based starports, and a space-based starport

Other Details: Despite its great distance from the bustling areas of the sector (let alone the rest of settled space), Lagor Ciro was once the most important world in Solerian space. It was the first world settled in the entire sector some 600 years ago, because it was what scouts call a "gasper", one of the extremely rare worlds which has a near-perfect profile in terms of supporting humanoid life.

A consortium of corporations specializing in promoting new worlds for settlement promoted it as a "showcase world" ripe for colonization, and gave it the lion's share of the resources allocated for settlement and development in the area. Thanks to the aggressive promotion, Lagor Ciro quickly attracted a huge number of talent-rich and wealthy businesses and families looking for a new start.

Within a hundred years, Lagor Ciro was so well developed that it was known informally in local settle circles as "Little Oscion," which was certainly an exaggeration, but did express the amazement people felt at seeing such an advanced settlement in such a remote area. Eventually, of course, Lagor Ciro's prominence was eclipsed by younger colonies (such as Qesya), which were more conveniently located to service traders and settlers. Now the colony world has slumped into a genteel second-class status, but is still surprisingly mature for its age and remoteness.

The people of Lagor Ciro have a strong independent streak, and pride themselves on their provincial status. "This isn't the Expanse, mab," one is likely to hear if one questions apparent differences, such as why groves of huge mushrooms grow in the midst of the cities, why people wear a great deal of animal leather, or why nearly everyone ends their sentences with "mab". "And right tundin' it is, too, mab," someone else is likely to respond to the above statement. The people of Lagor Ciro speak Basic (Federation Standard, Galactispeak, etc) with an even more pronounced accent than do those elsewhere in Solerian sector.

Lagor Ciro is a world of great natural beauty and abundant natural resources. It is largely self-subsistent, and actually exports very little. It is therefore somewhat credit-poor, which is why it is not a very influential world in the sector, despite its many other advantages. The Ciro people are generally very independent, and do not mind the regime of the Peirs Coalition, mainly because Brol Peirs has never given Lagor Ciro much personal attention.