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  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Duty Post: HCO Officer
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Keelah Rhani
  • Stardates: 239404.18 - 239407.07


Assessment: Captain Keelah Rhani

Disciplinary Log



Lael arrived aboard the Za shortly after her surgery with little time to settle in. She reported to Captain Keelah Rhani as well as her required new crewmember physical and psychological assessment, reporting for her first duty shift as HCO on the bridge. At first, the mission didn't seem that out of the ordinary -- first contact with a bear-like humanoid species, the Hocktin, who were testing their first warp ship, the UHS Pathfinder. They were a curiosity, to be certain, and Lael's inner engineer was positively giddy at the thought of exploring their unique ship design. She was assigned as part of the team with Chief Engineering Officer Commander Alex Blair and Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Commander Kalos Fiorr that would set up a ship to ship network so the two races could exchange information while Captain Rhani and a selected team sat down with the vessel's commander, General Kzan, to arrange a meeting with the President of Hocktin, Longza.

After a couple days' journey, they arrived at the Hocktin homeworld. Just before beaming down, Captain Rhani learned that a flea-like creature had bitten one of the Za crew and had infected that crewmember with a deadly virus. Rhani informed Lael and her team of this and ordered them to finish up and report back to the Za as soon as possible. Despite the dangers, Captain Rhani decided to beam to the surface with First Officer Lieutenant Commander Trellis Vondaryan and Chief of Security Lieutenant Junior Grade Krindo Pandorn to continue discussions regarding an information exchange. However, during this meeting, a radical, Marshal Numiz, a military leader, abducted them and held them hostage.

Shortly after the Pathfinder had landed on Hocktin and the Engineering team had finished setting up the network, Lael was bitten, presumably by the flea-like creature, and experienced a strange reaction to the bite. Through communication with Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire in Sickbay, they learned the symptoms and that estimated time until the final stages of the virus (aka death) was 72 hours. It was also around this time that Commander Blair learned from the Deck Officer, Lieutenant Commander Alexander Williams, that Captain Rhani and her team had been taken prisoner. Once the comm had closed, Cjnur, one of the officers aboard the Pathfinder, attempted to take the Engineering team hostage. But Lael's martial arts expertise enabled her to disarm the two other guards and gain the upper hand.

Whilst taking Cjnur to the planet's Space Center to find a way to locate Captain Rhani, they ran into Professor Mindor, the designer of the Pathfinder, and President Longza himself. After a direct conversation between the President and the away team with the Za, it was decided by Lieutenant Commander Williams, despite the high risk of exposing the whole crew to the Hocktin virus, that Professor Mindor would beam aboard to aid in finding a cure. While trying to gain furthur insights into both the situation and Numiz's possible plan, Lael began experiencing further symptoms, such as limited no-touch telepathy and no-touch empathy as well as headaches, nausea, dizziness, lack of focus, and pain. Concerned, Commander Blair went along with Cjnur going to retrieve a medic for Lael under the watchful eye of Ensign Richards, which allowed them to get Cjnur out of the room. After a brief discussion, the President agreed to provide a blood sample in hopes that it would aid the Science team aboard the Za in finding a cure for the virus before it took more lives. Lael drew the blood and the container was beamed aboard the Za behind a forcefield to prevent it from infecting the Science team.

Meanwhile, on the planet, Commander Blair, who had also began experiencing symptoms, worked with Lael and Lieutenant Commander Fiorr as part of a rescue and with President Longza's help, they were able to narrow down where the away team was being held. They arrived at the building. The President had his troops surround it while Commander Blair, Lieutenant Commander Fiorr, and Lael went inside to perform a sweep and, if the Captain was inside, get her and the others to safety. Once inside, they discovered a black box that they suspected was blocking the transporter signal. Lael was able to disable the device just as Commander Blair's symptoms overtook him. She helped him to his feet and treated his bloody nose before arranging for the transport of first Rhani's team and then their own directly to Sickbay.


Following the mission, the Za was decommissioned due to an issue with Chariot-class computer cores that could cause it to shut down in the middle of a critical situation. The crew received transfer orders to new assignments and Lael, Chythar, Alex, Dassa, as well as a few others were sent to the USS Veritas, a ship assigned to the Shoals, a region of space at the border between the Federation and the Tholian Assembly.


Notable Relationships
  • Alex Blair: Though the two had worked together throughout their time in the other universe, they became closer when he began dating her best friend, Chythar Skyfire. They had a bit of a falling out when it was uncovered that Lael shared a deep telepathic/empathic bond with Chythar as a result of him pulling her back from the brink of death during her spine replacement surgery and that she was nursing a physical and emotional attraction to Chythar. Since their experiences with the Hocktin, the two have resolved their differences and repaired their friendship.
  • Chythar Skyfire: The two first met during the Gorkon's halloween masquerade, but really only became close after they became trapped in the other universe. In a moment of compassion upon seeing Chythar so miserable, Lael began a series of social graces lessons intended to make him less awkward. However, during their time in the other universe, they developed a close bond, even sharing a kiss while under the influence of extreme duress, believing the rest of the crew to be dead and them soon to be so. This sparked their telepathic/empathic link, which was only strengthened when Chythar pulled her back from death during her spinal surgery. The two have since resolved the tension between them and are closer than ever.
  • Dassa Alexander: She is considered one of Lael's best friends. The two first met back at the Academy while at a bar one night, leading to a drunken one-night stand between them. They remained close friends and developed an unusual empathic connection. When Lael met her now ex-husband, Jensar Berel, he forced her to sever ties with Dassa out of jealousy, which Lael stupidly did. Years later, following Lael's divorce from Jensar, the two reconnected aboard the Gorkon. Dassa still held a non-platonic affection for Lael, which put a strain on their friendship. However, Dassa eventually came to terms with her feelings and began dating Tobian Dalton, a counselor aboard the Gorkon. Lael's surgery was particularly hard for her as, in the midst of performing the surgery, Lael's death broke their connection. Though this was hard at first, when Chythar was able to bring Lael back, Dassa and Lael began work on repairing their friendship. The two are again very close.
  • Anjar Thoran: They worked together prior to their time in the other universe, but really became close when they were stuck there together. They shared a brief fling after Lael's break-up with Jansen, but remain just friends. The two have an easy banter due to their similarly cocky natures and share a close friendship, though not nearly as close as Lael shares with Dassa, Alex, and Chythar.
  • Michael Goodwell: The two met on the Victory when Lael was trying to charm her way in to see Janel (who had gone AWOL and was confined to quarters when he returned). Michael initially nursed a crush on the charming Lael, but during their time in the other universe, fell in love with Abigail Young and was planning to propose to her when she died, something that he blamed Lael for.
  • Aleya Thompson: She and Lael first became friends while serving together aboard the Victory. Aleya's fun and laid back personality was a welcome relief to the everyday anxiety and stress when they become trapped in the other universe. The two are still friends and talk regularly.
  • Madeline Young: The daughter of a colleague, Abigail Young, who died in the other universe, she became Lael's ward after her Abigail's mother died and Abigail's will named Lael as a back-up guardian. Lael, Dassa, and Chythar have all since developed a very close bond with the little girl. Maddy affectionately refer's to Lael's two best friends as Uncle Chythar and Aunt Dassa. She connects most closely with Chythar, perhaps because of their shared abilities. She was extremely angry and disappointed in Lael's decision to send her back to Earth to live with Adelynn, Lael's mother, after the Hocktin virus nearly took Maddy's life, claiming that a starship was too dangerous for a child.
  • Yishira Somlen: Lael first met Shira as her counselor after Tobian and Dassa started dating. Though she initially didn't like the woman very much, Lael has come to respect her professionalism.
Mission Logs
  • Peace In Our Time