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  • Rank: Lieutenant JG
  • Duty Post: HCO Officer
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Quinn Reynolds
  • Stardates: 239207.17 - 239404.17


Assessment: Captain Quinn Reynolds

Disciplinary Log


Transfer to the Gorkon

After settling into her new quarters, Lael went to the observation lounge for a drink and encountered Adam Haase there. They engaged in a brief conversation before the two parted ways to get some rest. The next day, Lael checked in with Captain Reynolds and was asked to analyze the security footage with Danny Wilde from "The Spider's Web" incident, resulting in suspicions that the Tal'Shiar was behind the recording device found. They had made little real progress and with the party drawing near, Danny insisted Lael go enjoy herself. Lael then promised to help him in the morning if he didn't find anything. At the ceremony, she was awarded the Medical Science Ribbon for her part in rescuing the trapped crew.

During this time, Lael began to experience nightmares and contacted her friend, Elina, for reassurance. Lael admitted that she was having trouble coming to terms with them. After a heart to heart, Lael decided to head to Sickbay for a sedative. Doctor Jansen Orrey, who she'd met checking in on the bridge, was on duty. The two engaged in a brief conversation with Orrey offering her tea and a listening ear. To her surprise, she found that he was very easy to talk to. He gave her the sedative she came seeking and offered a friendly ear should she ever need one.

Just before the next mission, she received a communique from Janel updating her on what had been going on with him. She responded in kind, attaching a holoimage for him to keep of her.

The Gorkon crew received a distress call from the USS Tharsis and learned that it was caught in a gravity well. Enroute to the location of the ship, Captain Quinn Reynolds assigned Commander Chen to lead an away team consisting of Lael, Cory Stoyer, and Bren. The team beamed aboard the Tharsis, which was strangely quiet and seemingly abandoned. This made Lael very nervous. They began running diagnostics in an attempt to find out what happened when Lael heard someone moving on the upper catwalks. Chen climbed a nearby ladder, encouraging the others to cut off the man's escape route. When they finally cornered the man they realized that he was gravely injured and in need of immediate medical attention. However, when Chen tried to contact the Gorkon and the other away team for help, they realized that their combadges weren't working.

With limited options, Lael and Stoyer disagreed about how to proceed. Lael felt they needed to focus on the injured man, believing he might be able to tell them more about what happened. Stoyer felt that they needed to locate the spare parts in the storage bays to salvage the ship. In the end, Chen decided they'd take the man to Sickbay and hopefully locate the parts they need on the way. Lael and Stoyer worked together to jury-rig a travois, a form of stretcher, to move the man. A strange malfunction threatening a warp core breach threatened to box them in and the anomalies begin to tear Engineering apart. They had to escape. Once they had the man loaded up, they escaped into a maintenance conduit with Lael pulling the travois and Bren covering the rear.

They soon ran into a problem: a forcefield blocked their path. Though she offered to disable the forcefield, Chen was concerned it will take too much time so they forged ahead, going around it. They left the dying man behind, much to her dismay, and crossed the corridor one at a time, the others laying down cover fire. However, they soon ran into another forcefield and she began to feel like "a rat trapped in a maze". Stoyer, agreeing that all the running was getting them nowhere, offered to draw out their attackers using himself as bait. Lael was reluctant, concerned that he'll be an easy target, and offered to cover him.

But Chen vetoed the idea and instead instructed Lael to disable the forcefield. Chen, meanwhile, set Stoyer's phaser to explode in an attempt to distract their pursuers. It did the job and left Lael's ears ringing from the volume of the blast. She and Stoyer got to work cutting power. In frustration, Stoyer smashed the boxes. Taking a cue from him, Lael did the same with the box she was working on, much to the amusement of Chen and the other two. They then headed for the storage bays, hoping to find the parts to fix the ship. When they next stopped, Lael thinks she's figured out how their pursuers are tracking them and how they can counter the system.

They had planned to climb down a turbolift shaft, with Lael experiencing anxiety about the climb down, when Chen got struck by weapons' fire. He was alive, but unconscious. Forced to develop a plan B, Stoyer jumped onto the top of the turbolift, while Bren lowered the unconscious Chen down and then jumped himself with Lael all the while laying down cover fire. Once Stoyer, Bren, and Chen were safely inside the lift, she jumped as well and climbed inside. They then discussed next steps. Stoyer wanted to hide Chen somewhere, but Lael disagreed, afraid that Chen might not be safe on his own with the crew of the Tharsis hunting people like animals. They decide to stick together and continue moving.

When wandering the corridors, they encountered Doctor Ana Mirovan, a member of the Tharsis crew, who seemed to be normal and running from the others. More buckling of the hull indicated that structural integrity was close to failing, so they decided they needed to repair the ship to stand the best chance of saving themselves, the crew of the Tharsis, and the other away team. Dr. Mirovan agreed to stay with Commander Chen. Again, Stoyer insisted on trying to repair the ship, but Lael again disagreed, stating that they needed to make the crew a priority. Reluctantly, Stoyer agreed. Just as they began moving toward the computer core, they received a message from the other away team, indicating that communications were working again. They then discover that the cause of the crew's psychosis was a virus transmitted by an alien insect. They are able to bring the away teams safely and some but not all of the Tharsis crew.


Following the mission, Lael was checked out in Sickbay by Jansen who, due to her ankle injury, carried her to her quarters. They spent some time talking, which led to Lael inviting Jansen to her friend's upcoming birthday party. They had a good time, including a couple of opportunities for them to dance together.

A couple days later, the awards dinner was held in Holodeck 666 on Astrofori One with a Victorian masquerade theme. Lael attended with Jansen, dressed in a gothic Victorian gown. At the dinner she is presented with a Captain's Commedation for saving Commander Chen's life and a Medical Science Ribbon presented to all who participated in the away mission aboard the Tharsis. Following the presentation of the awards, Lael congratulated Jansen on his and they danced. After some socializing, Lael and Jansen along with a few of the other crew decided to retire to the library only to come across the body of the deceased Cardassian envoy, Kotan Jara. The scene evokes a flashback for Lael to Temlai and it takes a few moments for her to regain her scattered wits. Captain Reynolds analyzed the situation and asked Lael to gather the senior staff, but Lael was unable to locate Lieutenant Commanders Eerie and Skyfire as well as Lieutenants Stoyer and Sharpe, who later arrived on their own.

Once everyone had been briefed on the situation and they had discussed their options, Lael was assigned to a team comprised of Jansen, Anya, Captain Reynolds and Doctor Chandur to investigate the scene of the crime. However, the culprit had clearly cleaned up well, leaving no obvious physical evidence behind. As they were wrapping up their perusal of the room, Commander Brunsig arrived and the group then headed to explore the basement. When they entered the basement, they found an operating table with evidence of blood. Seeking a placed to rest, Jansen leaned against a lever that sent him and Lael tumbling down a chute. Once they had their bearings, they realized that they had fallen into an underground labyrinth. During their search they found a room where someone had recently been sleeping.

As they began the search for the culprit, they saw indications that the holodeck malfunction was getting worse. They thought they saw someone and as they ran after them, Lael heard Captain Reynolds calling out, sounding very alarmed. They rushed in the direction of her voice only to find Brunsig injured by a bullet. Lael watched as Jansen operated on Brunsig, removing the bullet and sautering the wound. They then decided to move Brunsig back to the mansion to better treat him, but when they arrived they saw that Vess had been injured as well. Jansen took responsibility for the care of the two wounded while the rest of the team began theorizing on possible suspects. In the meantime, a few of them were able to get the program shut down. Vess and Brunsig were immediately beamed to Sickbay. They managed to track the suspect to the docking ports. She joined LtCmdrs. Skyfire and Eerie as well as Lieutenants Sharpe and Shapiro in pursuit of the suspect. Lael and Skyfire broke off from the others to isolate the suspect, but in the process, Skyfire was injured. Despite their best efforts, the suspect escaped.


While she was being treated in Sickbay, Lael asked after Brunsig, who is still in a coma. As much as she didn't like the man, she found herself feeling compassion for both him and for Captain Reynolds. She thought back to when she and Jansen had come onto the scene to find Brunsig injured and the conversation that made it clear that he had taken the bullet for Captain Reynolds, thinking it really romantic. After she was cleared and had returned to her quarters, she contacted her friends Rebecca and Elina to catch up, then placed a call to her brother.

A couple days later, after a restless night's sleep, Lael gathered the courage to talk to Jansen about the complication with her spinal injury, confessing that the nanites are degrading fast--faster than she can replace them. It's also during this conversation with Jansen that she revealed that she and Janel had ended their relationship. They're interrupted by Jansen being paged to Sickbay, but he said he'd make it up to her.

The next day, she received a message from Jansen to meet her on the holodeck dressed warm. He surprised her with an intimate cabin amidst a winter wonderland. They enjoyed flirting, a snowball fight, and a dinner Jansen prepared. They enjoyed time together and Lael developed an appreciation for Ligonian spiced tea and Romulan cuisine, in particular Romulan Mollusk and Viinerine.


What started as a standard mission scanning a nebula soon turned disastrous as some unusual readings resulting in them being pulled into an alternate universe. At first, Lael, like the others, wasn't sure what had happened--only that there had been a jolt and the nebula that they had been scanning before wasn't the same one they were currently looking at. Before they could blink a Defiant-class ship had suddenly appeared on sensors and sent a message. After speaking with Captain Brunsig of the USS Triumphant and looking into the reports of an alternate universe the USS Invicta encountered, they were able to ascertain that they are in that universe, one in which the Federation lost the Dominion war and no longer exists. Lael was assigned to the team that would figure out how to get the ship home. Further research and discussion revealed that they couldn't simply go back the way they came or they risked destabilizing the nebula. They needed alternatives. At this point, they sought aid from their counterparts on the Triumphant.

While talking with her counterpart aboard the Triumphant, Lael learned just how different her counterpart's life had turned out. Lael (alternate) had met and married Jansen's alternate counterpart and they had a beautiful son, Jax, still an infant. While Lael had never known her father, Lael (alternate) had never known her mother, who had died in childbirth. Also, Lael's alternate counterpart was a civilian consultant who had lived her life on Luraul with her father, Aldek (alternate) and his family.

Later while Lael was on duty, they encountered another ship whose configuration they don't recognize. It was at this precise moment that Captain Reynolds returned to the bridge with two new faces--one of them was Commander Alex Blair, who was aboard a shuttle set to arrive for orders when he was also sucked into the nebula. They tried using sensors to get a better idea of the ship on the edge of their sensors but the nebula had interfered with the readings. Lael was then ordered down to Engineering with Commander Blair and Shapiro to help with repairs.

While down in Engineering making repairs, the ship came under attack. Given the earlier sensor ghosts, Lael suspected Dominion ships. She worked with Ensign Anjar Thoran to get shields and weapons operational. During the fire fight, the fissure had closed, leaving them stranded. They had managed to evade the Dominion ships, but had lost the Triumphant. Fortunately, they'd managed to transfer many of the Triumphant's personnel before its destruction, including Lael's counterpart and her family. Seeking a place to lie low, they had found a planet with a strong magnetic field that would hide them from Dominion sensors.

Later, Lael talked to her alternate counterpart's brother, Kellan, who was concerned for her counterpart. He convinced Lael to talk to her counterpart about seeking counseling for the woman's obvious depression. However, Lael had issues of her own. She was still struggling to find a solution for the failure of her nanites. While in the Science lab off-duty, Sevo came in and Lael hurried to hide what she'd been working on. It turned out there had been a glitch with the computer and this Science lab had been double-booked. Even after the awkward moment, Lael found herself sharing with Sevo that she and Jansen had been dating since around Christmas. After a little more light conversation, Lael asked Sevo for advice regarding her attempts. While Sevo was hesitant to get involved due to the controversial nature of the project, she gave Lael some good leads on potential ways to solve the problem.

Some time into their stint in Hell, Lael decided to take Anjar up on his offer for some fun while they were taking reprieve at a station, the Helase, which boasted a casino. Anjar, ever the avid gambler, invited her to join him at the tables. However, they soon suspect that they are being watched. They were forced to create a diversion in an excuse to leave. In the end, they got back to the ship, but not without drawing a lot of attention to themselves. Though they'd thankfully been wrong about being tailed, Lael had had the feeling that it wouldn't be long before the casino owner realized who they were and reported the sighting to Vess's alternate counterpart (Erik Jansen), who it had turned out was a double agent for the Dominion.

Some time following the incident, Lael met a man named Connor Lucas, who had been discovered with Alex Blair (alternate) in a shuttlepod requesting assistance. She was asked to sit in with Kael Tam as they talked to Lucas and she learned what had occurred. Lucas and Blair (alternate) had knocked out the security guard sent to meet them and were immediately apprehended and sent to the brig. When Blair (alternate) tried to escape, he was seriously injured. Lucas offered his knowledge of shipyards untouched by the Dominion where they could find spare parts that they were in need of.

After speaking with Captain Reynolds, they decided to trade with a group of Romulans for the parts in exchange for rescuing a Romulan crew taken prisoner via a low-key infiltration of Deep Space Ten. Lael was assigned to the team that would steal back the Romulan ship, the Llhweiir, for it's cloaking device and as an escape route from the station. Once everyone had been given their assignments and was about to split, Jansen pulled Lael aside for an intimate moment. They told each other to be safe before parting with a brief kiss.

Lael's team gathered to discuss a game plan and, though they debated the merits of the cosmetic surgery suggested by Captain Reynolds to help them blend in, they ultimately decided against it. They decided to catch the Dominion soldiers off guard with a swift attack. After they had gathered all their gear, they beamed to the fighter bridge to catch a ride and were all caught off guard by Vess's appearance, which reminded them of his counterpart.

Cory Stoyer took the pilot's chair and flew them toward the station. When they arrived, Vess adopted Erik Jansen's voice and announced their arrival with a prisoner transfer. Faked fire from the Gorkon convinced the Dominion solders aboard the station to let them in. Once they were securely inside, Lael's team disembarked and made their way to their target. As they moved through the corridors, they were nearly spotted; however, Commander Eerie was about to quickly eradicate the problem. But their reprieve hadn't lasted long before they heard more footsteps headed in their direction. They decided to push forward. They had to get to the Romulan shuttle. Lael used a smoke bomb to block their attackers view as her colleagues fired, stunning the soldiers and knocking them unconscious. As they moved forward, Eerie set charges at random intervals.

Finally, they reached the shuttle and Lael volunteered to pilot it, though she needed a bit of help from Stoyer to refresh her Romulan. She guided them out, following the fighter, firing on any ships that might be in pursuit. However, after the got into range and dropped the shields to fire, a jolt and an exploding console sent Lael backwards into a nearby bulkhead, exacerbating her back injury. She was suddenly overcome with dizziness and passed out.

Three days after the DSX incident, once Lael had healed, she found herself in the Observation Lounge with Eerie. He commended her on her efforts at DSX and she shared the story behind some of her physical and emotional scars.


About a month after the DSX incident, Lael found herself in the dimly-lit observation lounge, which was falling apart. Upon entering, she saw Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire sitting at a table alone in the empty lounge. He looked disheveled and exhausted beyond reason. After grabbing a cup of tea, she joined Chythar and attempted to engage him in coversation. When Chythar began talking about his social awkwardness and his loneliness as well as his crush on Commander Alex Blair, Lael agreed to offer him social lessons [Social Graces, Parts I & II]. During this conversation, she also learned about Chythar's coping mechanism, Stripey, to help him deal with the stress caused by his telepathic and empathic gifts.

After months stuck in the other universe, the crew thought they had finally found a way home. Lael worked with Ayiana Sevo, Larant, and Tyan to jury-rig a Romulan deflector array to open another fissure. However, while attempting to do so, they found themselves under attack by Erik Jansen's ships. Lael and Larant were left to keep power up. They managed to for a period, but a weapons' fire shook the ship, disabling the device and knocking Lael into a nearby wall. They struggled to get the power back to the device, succeeding just in time. The Gorkon took a rocky ride through the fissure and was greeted on the other side by the nine crew members of the hijacked USS Yahrala, among them Commander Walter Brunsig. The nine helped haul the Gorkon back to Earth.


While on Earth, Lael ran into her ex-husband, Jensar, while waiting for Jansen to arrive at the hotel. She agreed to have lunch with him to catch up, not suspecting that he had ulterior motives. Over lunch, they talked about the old days and Lael told Jensar about Jansen. Toward the end of the conversation, as Jensar stood to leave, he took her by surprise and kissed her. It took her a moment to overcome her shock before she pushed him away, insisting she was with Jansen. Jensar left while Lael stayed behind to wait for Jansen to arrive for dinner. Though she hadn't initiated the kiss, she was full of guilt about it. Jansen arrived for dinner as planned and she tried to forget about it. The next day, she visited her family and friends for the first time in nearly a year. During this visit, they noticed a change in her. She was more surly, moody, and sought to be alone rather than in the company of others, showing symptoms of both depression and PTSD. Even Jansen couldn't seem to reassure her. That night, they had a fight and Lael took off, getting drunk at a bar with Anjar Thoran, who left his daughter with his parents to comfort her. Anjar later called Jansen, who helped her home.

The next day, her extended family and friends had a reunion, which Jansen and Lael both attended. Unaware of what had transpired between them just the day before, Lael's friend {{n|Rebecca Hollendale had invited Lael's ex. This lead to a confrontation between Jensar and Jansen, during which Jansen became very aggressive with Lael's ex to the point that he had his hands around the man's throat ready to kill him. Lael intervened and Jensar, stunned, stumbled off. Overwhelmed by Jansen's behavior, Lael ran. By the time Lael got back, Jansen was gone. She jumped on the soonest shuttle, rushing after him to apologize. She found him at Starfleet Medical and threw herself into his arms, attempting to explain her reaction. In the heat of the moment, Jansen proposed and Lael said yes.

The two later attended the memorial service together with Lael spilling the beans in private to her best friend, Chythar just before. At the ceremony, Lael received her Quantum Reality Service Ribbon, Extended Service Ribbon, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Service Ribbon and her second Purple Heart. Following the Memorial, Jansen and Lael met Lael's father for dinner.

The next morning at breakfast, Lael was quiet and withdrawn, still processing what had happened in the other universe. She was also feeling very insecure. When Jansen started talking aobut how they were such great friends. The stress and anxiety from the last several months combined with her insecurities, leading her to majorly overreact, thinking that Jansen had changed his mind about the engagement. She had a meltdown that resulted in her punching him in the nose, leaving the engagement ring, and storming from the room. She called Anjar to console her and they disappeared to a nearby beach for two days, during which Anjar kissed her and Lael realized he had romantic feelings for her. Returning to civilization, they sought help in fixing her broken hand, calling Chythar to come to her hotel room, which he did gladly, as she told him about everything that had happened.

Lael remained aboard and wasn't part of the away team for this mission, working to make repairs in Engineering. However, when Dassa returned emotional and shaken, Lael provided a crutch and an outlet for Dassa using their empathic connection to comfort her.


Lael took a short leave of absence to visit her father on his homeworld of Luraul, where she met her father's extended family. During her stay, she learned that due to her father being an Ambassador, she was the equivalent of nobility on Luraul. She also learned that her father had purchased a house for her there. When she returned to the Gorkon, she made the decision to undergo spinal surgery. The night before the surgery was to happen, she nearly kissed Chythar in a private moment between them in the woods where she confessed her anxieties and he offered her a shoulder. To avoid ruining his and Alex's relationship and their friendship, she'd sought solace in alcohol and the arms of Anjar. However, because of her indulgence, her surgery had to be delayed.

During her surgery, Dassa and Chythar lost her once, but were able to bring her back. The second time, Dassa was convinced that she was gone because she felt their empathic connection break. But Chythar wouldn't give up. He was able to bring her back and little did he know at the time his efforts resulted in the final string that formed a strong telepathic and empathic bond between them. Lael remained in a coma for three days before she woke up to realize the connection between her and Chythar, which, when Alex first learned of it, caused a great deal of friction between them.


Notable Relationships
  • Aldek Desai: It was shortly after her return to her universe that Lael, driven by meeting the alternate version of him, contacted and met her biological father for the first time. The two quickly became close and he became an invaluable resource for her in helping her come to terms with her empathic gifts, a unique family trait.
  • Alex Blair: Though the two had worked together throughout their time in the other universe, they became closer when he began dating her best friend, Chythar Skyfire. They had a bit of a falling out when it was uncovered that Lael shared a deep telepathic/empathic bond with Chythar as a result of him pulling her back from the brink of death during her spine replacement surgery and that she was nursing a physical and emotional attraction to Chythar.
  • Chythar Skyfire The two first met during the Gorkon halloween masquerade, but really only became close after they became trapped in the other universe. In a moment of compassion upon seeing Chythar so miserable, Lael began a series of social graces lessons intended to make him less awkward. However, during their time in the other universe, they developed a close bond, even sharing a kiss while under the influence of extreme duress, believing the rest of the crew to be dead and them soon to be so. This sparked their telepathic/empathic link, which was only strengthened when Chythar pulled her back from death during her spinal surgery.
  • Dassa Alexander: She is considered one of Lael's best friends. The two first met back at the Academy while at a bar one night, leading to a drunken one-night stand between them. They remained close friends and developed an unusual empathic connection. When Lael met her now ex-husband, Jensar Berel, he forced her to sever ties with Dassa out of jealousy, which Lael stupidly did. Years later, following Lael's divorce from Jensar, the two reconnected aboard the Gorkon. Dassa still held a non-platonic affection for Lael, which put a strain on their friendship. However, Dassa eventually came to terms with her feelings and began dating Tobian Dalton, a counselor aboard the Gorkon. Lael's surgery was particularly hard for her as, in the midst of performing the surgery, Lael's death broke their connection. Though this was hard at first, when Chythar was able to bring Lael back, Dassa and Lael began work on repairing their friendship. The two are again very close.
  • Jansen Orrey: The two met when Lael came into Sickbay one night for a sedative, but an attraction quickly developed between them. After a few months as friends, they began dating. They were together until shortly after their return from the other universe, when they initially got engaged, but Lael broke off the engagement in a moment of anxiety fearing that Jansen had changed his mind. Though their next meeting a month following this incident was awkward, they agreed to stay friends.
  • Anjar Thoran: They worked together prior to their time in the other universe, but really became close when they were stuck there together. They shared a brief fling after Lael's break-up with Jansen, but remain just friends. The two have an easy banter due to their similarly cocky natures and share a close friendship, though not nearly as close as Lael shares with Dassa, Alex, and Chythar.
  • Tobian Dalton: Her connection with Tobian was first with him as her counselor and then as Dassa's significant other. She enjoyed a shoreleave with him and Dassa on the ice planet shortly following Lael's break-up with Jansen. It was during this shoreleave that she attempted to teach Tobian how to snowboard.
  • Michael Goodwell:The two met on the Victory when Lael was trying to charm her way in to see Janel (who had gone AWOL and was confined to quarters when he returned). Michael initially nursed a crush on the charming Lael, but during their time in the other universe, fell in love with Abigail Young and was planning to propose to her when she died, something that he blamed Lael for.
  • Aleya Thompson: She and Lael first became friends while serving together aboard the Victory. Aleya's fun and laid back personality was a welcome relief to the everyday anxiety and stress when they become trapped in the other universe. The two are still friends and talk regularly.
  • Abigail Young: She was a nurse's assistant who Lael worked with in the other universe to evacuate injured crew from a damaged section of the ship. However, when Lael was attempting to erect a forcefield around the section to give them more time to evacuate, the hull breached. She was unsuccessful in erecting the forcefield and, out of fear for her own life, she ran when Abigail was sucked out into space, something she still feels immense guilt about.
  • Madeline Young: The daughter of a colleague, Abigail Young, who died in the other universe, she became Lael's ward after her Abigail's mother died and Abigail's will named Lael as a back-up guardian. Lael, Dassa, and Chythar have all since developed a very close bond with the little girl. Maddy affectionately refer's to Lael's two best friends as Uncle Chythar and Aunt Dassa. She connects most closely with Chythar, perhaps because of their shared abilities.
  • Ayiana Sevo: Though Lael was not especially close with Ayiana when they first began serving together, the two had something in common in that both had a friendship with Janel Tarna and had both worked together to stabilize him during a mission gone awry. They became a little closer during their time in the other universe and Lael even asked for Ayiana's input to solve the issue with her spinal injury and the nanites, to which Ayiana proposed genetronics. This technology later became part of a very complicated procedure intended to keep Lael mobile.
  • Cory Stoyer: The two became acquainted during an away mission where their team leader and First Officer became incapacitated. Though the two didn't always agree on what next steps needed to be taken, Lael came to respect the engineer for his dedication to his duty. At one point, she began instructing him and Chythar Skyfire in the Earth martial art of jiu-jitsu.
  • Eerie: She didn't know Eerie very well and her longest conversation with him was in the Officer's Lounge during their time in the other universe. It was just following a mission to gain much needed supplies. He commended her on her actions and they talked a little bit about her scars.
  • Alucard Vess: Though her relationship with Alucard is mostly professional, she enjoys his wit and sense of humor as well as his professionalism and his dedication to both his duty and his family.
  • Yishira Somlen: Lael first met Shira as her counselor after Tobian and Dassa started dating. Though she initially didn't like the woman very much, Lael has come to respect her professionalism.
  • Nefan Venal: She and Nefan first met in the Mess Hall a couple months after she and Jansen had broken up. He'd flirted outrageously, which she'd returned in kind, reluctantly agreeing to a date. However, when he tried to kiss her, she became spooked and never went on another date with him.
Full Timeline
  • 239207.17--Lael arrives on the USS Gorkon
  • 239301.21 - 239309.07--Lael and the Gorkon crew spend nearly a year trapped in a Dominion-ruled universe.
  • 239312--Lael and Jansen get engaged.
  • 239401--Lael and Jansen break off their engagement and their relationship.
  • 239401.21--Lael is promoted to full Lieutenant
  • 239404.14--Lael undergoes spine replacement surgery.
  • 239404.17--Lael is transferred to the USS Za.
Mission Logs