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Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek
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Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon
Purple Heart
Prometheus Ribbon
Prisoner of War Ribbon
Medical Science Ribbon
Captain's Commendation
Quantum Reality Service Ribbon
Extended Service Ribbon
Legion of Merit
Distinguished Service Ribbon
Joint Meritorious Unit Award
Explorer's Ribbon
War of Shadows Ribbon
Orion Syndicate Service Medal
Silver Star
UFP Medal of Freedom
Innovation Ribbon
Good Conduct Ribbon
Peacekeeper Service Ribbon





USS Victory

USS Gorkon

  • Needing Someone to Talk To, Part I & Needing Someone to Talk To, Part II (SD 239212.20)--Lael's friendship with Jansen develops as she confides her secret and her fears.
  • Bruised Egos, Part I, Bruised Egos, Part II, & Bruised Egos, Part III (SD 239212.21)--Lael gets to know a couple of her fellows during a self-defense lesson turned sparring match.
  • Lover's Lodge, Part I & Lover's Lodge, Part II (SD 2392.12.22)--Lael experiences Jansen's first attempts at seduction.
  • Mistletoe Mishaps, Part I & Mistletoe Mishaps, Part II (SD 239212.24)--Jansen finally makes a move.
  • Alternate Universe? (SD 239302.04)--Lael's first day in Hell.
  • Meetings and Discussions (SD 239302.12)--Lael meets her AU counterpart.
  • Missing Home (SD 239303.??)--Lael fights depression.
  • Alone and Lonely (SD 239304.13)--A glimpse into a typical day in the alternate universe as well as tender snippets into Lael and Jansen's developing relationship.
  • What's Up With The Spinning? (SD 2393??)--Lael reinjures her spine during a firefight.
  • Lounge Conversations (SD 2393??)--Lael gets to know Eerie a bit better.
  • Social Graces, Part I & Social Graces, Part II (SD 2393??)--Lael gets to know Chythar better while offering to help with his social awkwardness.
  • Here's Hoping... (SD 2393??)--Lael and her fellows work on a way home.
  • Bumpy Ride (SD 2393??)--Lael reinjures her back...again.
  • Do You Wanna Talk About It? (SD 239309.05)--Lael gets some much needed counseling after her time in the alternate universe.
  • Surprise Reunion (SD 239309.17)--Lael unexpectedly runs into her ex-husband.
  • Dinner For Two (SD 239309.17)--Lael and Jansen have dinner together after returning home.
  • Homecoming Part II, Homecoming Part III & Homecoming Part IV (SD 239309.18)--Lael sees her family and friends for the first time in nearly a year.
  • A Bit of A Spat (SD 239309.18)--Jansen is upset because Lael didn't come see him for her mandatory debrief counseling. The two have an argument that drives Lael to the bars.
  • Drinking Buddy (SD 239309.19)--Lael and Anjar go to a bar for drinks and Lael gets drunk.
  • Whoa, What Was That? (SD 239309.20)--Lael and Jansen attend Lael's family reunion only to have Lael's ex show up and Jansen goes ballistic on him.
  • I'm Sorry (SD 239309.21)--Lael apologizes and Jansen proposes.
  • Guess What? (SD 239309.22)--Lael just can't keep the wonderful news to herself. She tells her best friend, Chythar.
  • Breakfast (SD 239209.22)--Lael and Jansen have breakfast. Lael jumps to conclusions, assumptions are made, and engagements and relationships are broken.
  • Somewhere on A Beach (SD 239309.22)--Devastated by the end of her and Jansen's relationship, Lael hides on a beach for two days with Anjar only to find out he has romantic feelings for her.
  • Patch Job (SD 239309.24)--Chythar makes a house call and Lael tells him everything.
  • Don't Want To Be Alone (SD 239312.26)--After a particularly rough away mission, Lael comforts Dassa.
  • Temporary Comfort (SD239312.26)--Feeling lonely, Lael has a one-night no-strings attached affair with Anjar.
  • Hot Tub Party Part I, Hot Tub Party Part II, & Hot Tub Party Part III (SD 239312.27)--Lael, Alex, Chythar, and Dassa all unwind after a rough mission with alcohol, Truth or Dare, and some time in the hot tub.
  • Late Night Part I & Late Night Part II (SD 239312.29)--With Chythar and Alex officially dating, Lael feels a bit neglected.
  • Lessons on the Bunny Slope Part I & Lessons on the Bunny Slope Part II (SD 239312.30)--Lael and Dassa teach Tobian how to ski.
  • Anything But A Simple First Date (SD 239401.02)--Lael goes on her first date since she and Jansen broke up.
  • Loss (SD 29401.21)--Lael struggles to come to terms with the end of her and Jansen's relationship and the implications.
  • Party Conversations (SD 239401.21)--Lael receives a promotion to full Lieutenant.
  • Father-Daughter Chat (SD 239401.23)--Lael has a heart to heart with her father.
  • Christmas Gifts and Deep Conversations Part I & Christmas Gifts and Deep Conversation Part II (SD 239401.30)--Lael and Jansen exchange Christmas gifts and conversation
  • Closure (SD 239401.31)--Lael talks with Janel's mother and brother after see learns of his passing.
  • Developments Part I & Developments Part II (SD 239401.31)--Lael and Chythar catch up.
  • Shocking News Part I & Shocking News Part II (SD 239401.31)--Lael and Ayiana grieve Janel's passing.
  • I Owe You An Apology (SD 239402.01)Lael apologizes after she and Dassa have a fight.
  • Depressive Rage Part I & Depressive Rage Part II (SD 239404.11)--Lael and Dassa comfort Chythar after he receives news of his demotion and Alex's transfer.
  • Newest Crewmember Part I, Newest Crewmember Part II, & Newest Crewmember Part III (SD 239404.12)'--Due to the untimely passing of Abigail's mother, Lael receives guardianship of her new ward sooner than she'd expected.
  • THAT Conversation Part I, THAT Conversation Part II, & THAT Conversation Part III (SD 239404.12)--Lael is presented with her options for her the spine replacement surgery and the risks.
  • I Have Something to Tell You Part I & I Have Something to Tell You Part II (SD 239404.12)--Lael breaks the news to Jansen.
  • A Family Reunion of Sorts Part I & A Family Reunion of Sorts Part II (SD 239404.13)--Lael's family and friends get together the night before the surgery and Lael is forced to confront her growing feelings for Chythar on top of her anxiety regarding her surgery.
  • The Surgery Part I & The Surgery Part II (SD 239404.14)--Lael undergoes her spinal replacement surgery.
  • Awake...Finally Part I & Awake...Finally Part II (SD 239404.17)--At long last, Lael wakes up from her three day post-surgery coma only to find that she, Chythar and Dassa have also been transferred to the same ship as Alex.
  • I'm Sorry Doesn't Even Begin To Cover It Part I & I'm Sorry Doesn't Even Begin To Cover It Part II (SD 239404.17)--Chythar and Lael talk about what happened the night before the surgery.


  • Meeting the Captain (SD 239404.19): Lael and Dassa meet their new captain.
  • Complicated Doesn't Even Begin To Cover It Part I & Complicated Doesn't Even Begin To Cover It Part II (SD 239404.23)--Chythar and Lael enjoy a dinner as friends, but the complicated nature of Lael's growing feelings for Chythar gets in the way.
  • Care To Let Me In On The Secret? Part I, Care To Let Me In On The Secret? Part II & Care To Let Me In On The Secret? Part III (SD 239404.24)--The four friends get together fro a relaxing good time, but the newest complication between Lael and Chythar ruins it.
  • First Contact (SD 239406.30)--Lael is on the bridge when the Za is contacted by a new species, the Hocktin.
  • You Need An Engineer? (SD 239406.30)--Lael beam aboard the Hocktin vessel, the UHS Pathfinder to help set up a ship-to-ship network so the two groups can exchange information more easily.
  • What Was That? (SD 239407.01)--Lael is bitten by a flea-like creature and is exposed to the deadly Hocktin virus.
  • Trouble A-Foot (SD 239407.01)--When the Hocktin, Cjnur, tries to take them captive Lael has other ideas.
  • Home Free (SD239407.01)--When the virus catches up to Alex Blair during their attempt to rescue the Captain, Lael is there to help.

USS Veritas

  • After the Hocktin Part I, After the Hocktin Part II, & After the Hocktin Part III (SD 239407.06)--Lael and her friends relax and talk while enroute to their new assignment, the USS Veritas.
  • A Fresh Start Part I, A Fresh Start Part II, & A Fresh Start Part III (SD 239407.06)--Alex, Lael, and Chythar report to the Captain for duty.