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Captain Thertas has a reputation as very clever man; he's managed to fend off attempts from subordinates and rival captains to take his command, often turning the situation back around to his advantage. He treats his crew well, his enemies without mercy, and his victims are left unharmed, so long as they do what they're told. If they don't... well, then they fall into the category of enemy.

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SS Andraste · Astrolabe . Crystal Star III · Eagle's Eyrie · SS Evangeline · FTS: ( Asterospolis · K'roc · K'tarn · Marauder · P'Kothla · Serapis · Treasure Sprite ) · Furies Furnace Base · Hawkeye · SS Idril Mar · Labyrinth's Scream · SS Lady Adventure · Midway Station · Rihac Gorshun · SS Shining Star · Skiptrace · Southern Cross · SS Tanandra · Te'Lir

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