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This lab experiments with information analysis of a Ikebana Rift in the Ocean off Rania that has a super-symmetrical non-repetitive shape to it. The lab uses nanobots data feeds and R4 system shape processes. The lab is underwater as described in Labwork 101-alot a nanobots. There is no noise in lab 3 except for the occasional creaking of a chair. The lab is ultra-clean with devices designed to remove any dirt as it occurs. The walls are covered with interactive holographic displays that examine the data feeds. The lab has two docking bays for the Zervon 46a and Zervon 46b. The Zervons are small science crafts designed to study the oceans of Duronis II. The Lab usually holds 4 to 7 scientists with 3 scientists there round the clock. The lab never shuts down. There are time distortions in the area of the labs location that resemble loops that neither end nor begin. As the research continues solutions to the time loop problem are found but not understood as of yet. The Ikebana Rift is know for many things similar to "The Bermuda Triangle" on earth.