L'Vor Tu'Pari Stassos

L'Vor Tu'Pari Stassos
Position Medical Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Vulcan
Gender Male
DOB 236803.21
Age 33
Birthplace ShiKahr, Vulcan
Writer ID Z239402LS0


  • Height: 5'7" (170.18 cm)
  • Weight: 152 Pounds (69 kg)
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Blue


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Stassos was born in the city of ShiKahr on Vulcan. He spent most of his childhood by himself, except for his pet Sehlat, who was named T'raith. He preferred the company of her rather than the other Vulcan children. When he wasn't reading, studying, or drawing/painting, he was usually practicing Suus Mahna (a form of Vulcan martial arts) in the deserts outside the city. He never quite mastered Suus Mahna, but was good enough to impress people. When he was a small child, about the age of five, he saw one of the Federation starships leaving the planet. Ever since then, he would stop by watch them leave whenever he had the chance. He picked up his love for art from his mother V'las. He often did portraits of her, his Aunt Maggie and T'raith, and once managed to get one portrait of his father. His father, Sonis, is a Vulcan ambassador and was off-planet quite often. Whenever he was on planet, Stassos would spend as much time as possible with him, informing him of his whereabouts while Sonis was off-planet. The most Sonis was on-planet was two months before he had to leave again. A little after his tenth birthday, his pet Sehlat was killed by a Le-Matya while he was practicing Suus Mahna. T'raith fought the beast so he could get away. When he was thirteen, V'las took him on a trip to Earth to meet his Aunt Maggie and his cousins, Emily (8) and Bartrand (22), in San Francisco. His aunt is a half-human, half-vulcan; although she appears human. Maggie's children were all human, but their father had died in a shuttlecraft accident a few years back. Bartrand had gone off on a Starfleet thing, so he wasn't there, and actually never was. Stassos had only met him once, and that was because Bartrand came home so he could fully move out. It was clear him and his Aunt Maggie did not really get along. Maggie's father is a human while V'las and her share the same mother. When the trip was over, Stassos decided to stay with Maggie a little while longer because he had become quite interested in Earth and humans, wanting to know about the society and how the planet worked. Over his stay, him and his aunt became quite close, and he decided to go back for regular visits. During his stay in San Francisco, he got to see the Starfleet Academy and became enthralled with Starfleet. It was also around this time he became interested in medicine, as he accompanied Maggie to one of her doctor's appointments. The scanners and hypos and everything else around him fascinated him, and he wanted to learn all he could. His cousin, Emily, also fueled his fascination for these things because she, too, enjoyed these things, despite her young age of eight. Emily and him quickly became best friends. Before this trip to Earth, fine arts was his passion, and he spent a lot of his time doing art. When he got back to Vulcan, he continued with his art, but focused a lot more on studying about starfleet and types of doctors and what they did. He became enamored with space and the beauty and vastness of it, and the endless types of medical professions. During this time, he practiced less Suus Mahna, but still loved it nevertheless. Travelling between Earth and Vulcan gave him less time to focus on the martial arts. He decided that he liked Earth, and would spend one to two months there with his Aunt Maggie, and one to two months on Vulcan with his mother. During his time on Earth, him, Emily, and Maggie spent a lot of time doing things usually humans do, and Stassos developed a more human type of personality. He still appeared Vulcan, with a straight face and carefully controlled emotions, but when you talked to him for a while, he revealed himself to be quite sassy. When he arrived back on Vulcan, at the age of fifteenm after a two month long stay, he encountered a Romulan girl named Rola, who was seventeen. The two quickly became very close to one another. About six months into their relationship, Rola accompanied him to Earth. During her stay, she managed to convince Stassos to get a tattoo on the inside of his forearm. It was of a feather that transformed into small birds. He had wanted the tattoo for a long time, but was concerned about what his father and mother would say; although he realized he didn't care because it was his body and he could do what he pleased. Stassos and Rola stayed in a relationship for about two years before Stassos knew it wasn't really working, and they were meant to be friends. Around this time, Rola had to leave Vulcan with her family; to go to a new Romulan colony. The two remained, and still remain, best friends, even after she moved away. It was also around this time that Stassos turned eighteen, and he had graduated high school directly after during eighteen. He decided that he wanted to permanently move in with his Aunt Maggie and Emily, who was now thirteen, in San Francisco. He decided to go to medical school there, and go to Starfleet Academy right after. After moving there, his visits to Vulcan lessend considerably, but he still remained close-knit with his mother, and maintained basically the same relationship with his father. Stassos began to view Emily as his little sister, and Emily viewed him as a big brother. Aunt Maggie was still Aunt Maggie, but Stassos and Emily were, and still are, like siblings. Emily actually refers to Stassos as her brother, and vice versa. In San Francisco, he also had a lot less time to practice Suus Mahna than he did before, but would practice with Emily whenever he has the chance. She wanted to learn, so he offered to teach her. He also taught her the Vulcan nerve pinch, so she could defend herself without a fight if need be. He still tries to see Aunt Maggie and Emily, Rola, and his parents as much as possible, but it proves extemely difficult because of everything going on, but his relationships have not lessened with any of them, and he talks to them almost every day.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 239402.04 Graduated Starfleet Academy Medical Officer
Ensign 239402.06 USS Za Medical Officer

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Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239402.04
Starfleet Academy
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