Kyso Nohx

Ensign Kyso Nohx is currently serving as a Counselor aboard the USS Gorkon.

USS Gorkon
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Kyso Nohx
Position Counselor
Rank Ensign
Species Bolian
Gender Male
DOB 236201.02
Age 39
Birthplace Nouok, Izos, Bolarus IX
Writer ID G239410KN0
Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg

Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon

Appearance and Personality

"The Angry Giant."

For a Bolian, Kyso's height and build is considered highly unusual. At 6'3" (or 1.92 meters) and weighing 199lbs (90kg), he towers above any other member of his family; his sheer size earning him several derogatory nicknames.

While Izos tradition sticks with most of Bolian culture by keeping heads closely shaved, it does celebrate facial hair, with Kyso usually sporting a black goatee and stubble. His skin colour is classified as Osidial (Steel Blue) with bands of darker pigment across his scalp. His eye colour can vary slightly in any given light but are naturally amber.

For much of his childhood, and well into his adolescence, Kyso was ridiculed for his physical appearance, given nicknames such as "The Angry Giant," "The Cliffs of Bole," and simply "The Tree." Because of this, Kyso became isolated from others, and kept very much to himself; preferring the company of his many pets and books. While he can be a longer, Kyso enjoys the company of others, but prolonged exposure to people –and especially crowds– can create severe bouts of anxiety.

While his early exposure to the nastiness of others could have turned him into an angry, bitter man, he has a great deal of empathy for both sapient and non-sapient life. His sense of justice and ethics drives him in all areas of life and especially in his chosen career path of Counselling.

Personal History

A newborn Kyso.

Born on the impoverished island of Izos to parents Drekk and Avaa and co-parents Mozz and Whyn, Kyso learned to get by with very little at an early age. Schools were overcrowded and resources were scarce, with his township of Nouok (formally Nouokal by Bolian standards) receiving very little support from the Bolian government. He did, however, show an unusually high aptitude for body language and critical thinking.

Bolarus IX.

Being bullied by his peers for his unusual height and muscular form built resilience and patience and also meant he threw himself into his studies. He surpassed most other students but his thirst for intellectual challenges soon manifested in destructive tendencies, all stemming from frustration and boredom. His teenage years were especially hard and he further isolated himself from the community that would come to refer to him as “the angry giant.”

Detective Kyso Nohx.

A split-second decision to shield a child from a construction accident almost cost Kyso his leg but that act of bravery gave the people of Nouok a sense of pride, especially as the Bolian media flocked to the island to highlight the story and, eventually, the plight of the Izos communities. Just a year later, the villagers had pooled their resources together to send Kyso to the Bolian Intelligence Academy where his natural talents could be developed.

The next four years at the Academy were a struggle for Kyso, as he found himself at the bottom of the class. While his intellect far surpassed his peers in his small, impoverished hometown, he struggled to meet the standard set by his fellow cadets; most of whom were priveleged enough to have access to resources he could only dream of. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Kyso knuckled down, put in the work, and eventually graduated by the skin of his teeth. He took everything he had learned and returned to Nouok, accepting a position on the local police force and making a commitment to serve and protect his hometown.

Map of Izos and its townships.
Nouok, Izos.

As he climbed the ranks to become a well-regarded Detective, Kyso met Illya, a social worker for troubled youths. Although Illya had been born and raised in a bustling city – with unlimited opportunities – she chose to focus on underserved communities and set up a small, non-profit organisation to shelter adolescents in need. Illya was immediately taken with Kyso but it took many months before he realised she was courting him; a deep insecurity of his unusual appearance had given him the belief no Bolian would find him attractive. The pair dated and eventually married just a year later. Three years after that, Illya proposed Lokk join their union. While Kyso was hesitant at first, he finally agreed after a three month bonding ritual.

Lokk Nohx.

Not long after, Illya made the decision to leave the marriage for unknown reasons. Before either Kyso or Lokk could discuss the issues with her, she disappeared, and neither have heard from her since. Grieving for the loss of his wife, and facing the pressure to add another spouse due to Izos tradition, Kyso left the police force, Izos, and Bolarus IX altogether.

Emblem of Bolarus Pin.

Over a year later, after some soul searching, Kyso made the decision to join Starfleet and use his detective skills to help people on a deeper level. He enrolled in Starfleet Academy to study Counselling, with a minor in Security.



Illya Nohx

Illya was born and raised on the city of Bolsetu to wealthy and academically-celebrated parents. She enrolled in the Bolian Academy of Applied Sciences but, halfway through the first semester, she dropped out to pursue her passion of social work. Against her parents wishes, she took an education path towards this and eventually became a qualified social worker. She eventually set up a non-profit organisation for troubled adolescents in the small villa of Nouok on the island of Izos, where she met and later married Kyso. The pair later invited Lokk to join their union but, just a few months later, Illya expressed her desire to dissolve the marriage; disappearing without a trace shortly after.


Lokk Nohx

Lokk is Kyso's co-husband and a member of the Quorum of Bole, the legislature of the Federation Member State of Bolarus. As the Minister of Education, Lokk visited Izos many times to ensure the island was being served by the government, leading him to meet Kyso and Illya. He soon joined their union, though his work often took him away from them for long periods of time. Though it took some time before he and Kyso bonded, their relationship eventually blossomed. The disappearance of Illya has put a strain on their marriage, however, and Kyso's departure of Bolarus IX even more so.


Avaa Nohx

Avaa has lived her whole life in the small village of Nouok, Izos, but always ensured she had a good grasp of politics and society outside her own community. Though she was self-taught in many areas, she trained to become a teacher so she could share every piece of knowledge she could get with the following generations. Although she could be classed as a worldly woman, Avaa is very traditional and expects her family to respect the practices of the Izos people. This traditional thinking has often caused conflict between her and her eldest son, Kyso. As such, their relationship can be fragile.


Drekk Nohx

Drekk was an antiques dealer, operating a small shop in Nouok that had been in the Nohx family for several generations. Preferring the simple life, and owing to his standing in the community, Drekk turned down an offer as candidate for District Representative three times before finally relenting. Known for being calm, considerate, and a man of traditional values, his campaign suffered when his son, Argot, died while carrying out an act of terrorism. It further derailed when Kyso's marriage broke down and he left Bolarus IX. Against all odds, Drekk won the election, leading many to assume voter fraud and nicknaming him Drekk the Illegitimate. Despite this, he continues to represent the island and serve the townships, though his relationship with Kyso is non-existent.


Whyn Nohx

Whyn is a financial advisor at the Bank of Bolarus, a job that will often take her around the Quadrant as she tends to client needs. Being a free-spirit, the frequent travel meets her needs, but it has historically meant she is less of a parental figure at home. Regardless, she is the first to take interest in each person's passions and goals, and accepts that not everyone has the same ideals or principles. She keeps in constant contact with Kyso to update him on the family and to persuade him to return to Nouok and build bridges.


Mozz Nohx

Mozz is an architect and former engineer in Starfleet, being granted the rank of Commander before resigning his post. He runs his own company but also created a non-profit organisation that builds and updates homes for those less fortunate on the island of Izos. He has a prosthetic leg and five cybernetic implants to aid his mobility –and suffers traumatic night terrors– from his service in Starfleet, though he has never been able to talk about this with his family; choosing to only ever give them the best of him.


Brothers and sisters

Due to the nature of his parents' polyfidelity marriage (as is a celebrated custom in Bolian culture) and the Izos classification of "sibling" (expanded to include persons who have married siblings) Kyso has dozens of siblings, too numerous to list. To simplify the process, only Kyso's blood-siblings are depicted below;

  • Brothers: Tor Nohx, Chett Nohx, Kurdd Nohx, Argot Nohx (deceased), Bork Nohx, Zit Nohx
  • Sisters: Verra Lett, Lull Nohx, Olla Frell, Minn Pezz, Yell Nohx, Pree Nohx

Kumari Joshi

Kumari was Kyso's roommate and fellow cadet at Starfleet Academy. She was incredibly social, always ready to lift others' spirits, and basically saw the good in every person and every scenario, sometimes to her own detriment. She majored in Security and Tactical but was voted "most likely to shoot her own crewmembers" by her peers. She came close to failing and dropping out of the Academy but Kyso tutored her, giving her the skills she needed in tactical combat to just scrape by. The pair have stayed in touch and though Kyso would say he only tolerates Kumari, she is practically his only friend.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 4th Class 239010.10 - 239110.09 Starfleet Academy Cadet
Cadet 3rd Class 239110.10 - 239210.09
Cadet 2nd Class 239210.10 - 239310.09
Cadet 1st Class 239310.10 - 239410.09
Ensign 239410.10 USS Gorkon Counselor

Current Posting

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