Kyryn's Quarters

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Intrepid quarters.jpg

As an engineer he can do most of it on his own or always gets fellow engineers to help him. One piece of furniture he always carries with him is his hanging bed, which is round and filled with lot of small pillows. Only one big pillow is inside, though that one is not used under his head, but as a hugging or "leaning on" pillow.

Kyryn hanging bed.jpeg

Kyryn is always removing the wall dividing main room from bedroom leaving only bathroom as separate place. He don't have any sofas or chairs in his room, but only lot of pillows and one low table which he is using to eat on if he is eating in the quarters. He don't have separate comm. console and desk/computer one, but always installs full engineering console including in it everything he may need to act fast.

He always has exercise bars in one corner of the quarters, one on his height and one near the floor. Near it there's always meditation mat and various candles, both Vulcan and Betazoid.