Kyri Taival

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Kyri Taival

Kyri Taival is a daughter of the Fourth House of Betazed. Born to Herenna Taival and Sorvo Vataix in 2368, the 32-year-old woman is a cousin of Rivi Vataix and Sky Blake, both of the Eleventh House of Betazed.

Outspoken and opinionated, Kyri is a civil engineer who served as the final executive administrator on the board governing the Ninth House of Betazed's affairs while it was under receivership from 2376-2399. In late 2399, Adjudicator Shaetra Izemu of the Reconciliation Forums of Betazed ruled in favor of Keehani Ukinix's petition that Vaxa Ral be recognized as the matriarch of the Ninth House (with Keehani Ukinix as her matriarch ascendant) and ordered the governing board dissolved immediately, with complete control of the house's affairs given over to Ral, thus bringing about an abrupt end to Taival's three-year tenure.[1]

Unlike her glamorous cousin Rivi Vataix, Kyri has always abhorred the public eye and thus avoided the socialite circles that many young Betazoid nobles are expected to frequent. A fierce defender of the Betazed nobility nonetheless, she devoted her time instead to earning a civil engineering degree in the hopes of improving the planet's aging infrastructure. She believes that the nobility must modernize and show real and meaningful contributions to the lives of the Betazed public to remain relevant lest calls for the nobility's abolishment take hold and ultimately succeed.[2] As a member of the Fourth House, she has a particular disdain for nobles who waste their lives in leisure and considers the affairs of Astrad Ukinix and the downfall of the Ninth House as a parable all nobles should take to heart.