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USS Victory
Position Mental Health Specialist
Rank Petty Officer First Class
Species Klingon
Gender Male
DOB 233405.27
Age 66
Birthplace Boruk Estate, Q'Onos

Petty Officer 1st Class Krepok is currently serving as a Mental Health Specialist aboard the USS Doyle-A.


  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build: Strong

Personal History

Born on the Klingon homeworld as the fourth son of Klar, Krepok led a very boring life being required to maintain the household servants and work in the fields of the homeworld. As his father told him many times, not all Klingons served in battle, but honor could be found in other ways. The backbone of the Empire was on it's stomach and the house of Boruk served in that capacity.

Being one of the largest farms in the Q'otek province, The Boruk family was considered moderately wealthy. Krepok was not happy with the thought of being a farmer for the rest of his life and so as soon as he was of age, he joined the Klingon Defense Force.

Klingon Defense Force Service

His first assignment was aboard the IKV Hurgh'etlh as a common soldier and that was wear he got the taste of his first battle. A Klingon ship the IKV Q'apla had gone rogue trying to provoke a war with the Cardassians and disobeyed direct orders from High Command to cease and desist. The IKV Hurgh'etlh, a Br'ell class starship intercepted the much larger K'Vort. After a short firefight, Krepok found himself in the middle of a corridor battle with the traitors. In the end, they were able to not only repel the boarders, but launch a boarding action themselves killing the treacherous ship commander.

His action holding B-corridor got himself promoted to sergeant and placed in charge of Squad SuvwI' qIj wa' (Team Black-1). There he served until he was transferred to the IKV 'Iw 'etlh and made Command Sergeant by request of the ship's commander.

His career continued to rise with service on IKV 'Iw 'etlh and then in to the IKV qIj jISuvvIpbe', and after taking command of the ship when it's leadership was killed, he earned a commission to Ensign.

Krepok's naval career was short lived though as he did not have a taste for naval command and transferred back to the ground forces.

Many of his warriors attributed the extreme effectiveness of his troops to not only his training regime, but his insistence that his people face their inner demons and not charge in to battle with only rage and their training. Though this philosophy got many on-board upset, they could not deny his men's effectiveness.

In the end, Krepok chose to transfer to the Federation as a mental health specialist to teach and refine his training and help the Federation.

Federation Service


Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
KLI bekk.jpg Bekk 2nd Class 235304.11 - 235401.01 IKV Hurgh'etlh Soldier
KLI bekk.jpg Bekk 2nd Class 235304.11 - 235401.01 IKV Hurgh'etlh Soldier
KLI sergeant.jpg Sergeant 235401.01 - 235502.22 IKV Hurgh'etlh Squad Leader
KLI sergeant.jpg Sergeant 235502.22 - 236008.30 IKV 'Iw 'etlh Command Sergeant
KLI ensign.jpg Ensign 236008.30 - 236105.04 IKV qIj jISuvvIpbe' Tactical Officer
KLI Major.jpg Major 236105.04 - 238702.09 IKV qIj jISuvvIpbe' Battalion Commander
E5-PO2nd-Blue.jpg Petty Officer 2nd Class 238702.09 - 239104.27 USS Roanoke Mental Health Specialist
E6-PO1st-Blue.jpg Petty Officer 1st Class 239106.01 - 239212.14 USS Victory Mental Health Specialist
E6-PO1st-Blue.jpg Petty Officer 1st Class 239212.14 - Present USS Doyle-A Mental Health Specialist

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons

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