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USS Gorkon
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Position Weapons and Explosives Specialist/Chemist
Rank Sergeant Major
Species Xindi-Reptilian
Gender Male
DOB 235003
Age 46
Birthplace Reptilian Colony

Kolrom is a Xindi-Reptilian Marine currently serving aboard the USS Gorkon with the 451st Rangers


Height; 560" (1.82m)

Skin; Brown and yellow mottled

Eyes; Yellow

Build Tall with broad strong shoulders

Personal history

Kolrom, like most Reptilians, is quite aggressive. Because of his aggression he decided to join the Starfleet Marine Corp as a Private in 2370 and he was assigned to the Starfleet Rangers. He advanced through the ranks and in 2383 he spent one year at Starfleet Academy studying the sciences in the hope of graduating as a science officer. He found it boring and slow however and dropped at then end of his first year. He then returned to the Rangers and used his knowledge of chemicals and natural processes to become an explosives expert. He continued to climb the ranks and joined the Rangers 451st Platoon aboard the USS Gorkon in 2394.

Service history

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
DS9style-pvt green.png
Private 237003.17-237109.12 Rangers 3rd Division Ranger
DS9style-pvt1st green.png
Private First Class 237109.12-237202.22 Rangers 3rd Division Ranger
DS9style-lcpl green.png
Lance Corporal 237202.22-237410.18 Rangers 3rd Division Weapons Specialist
DS9style-cpl green.png
Corporal 237410.18-238001.25 Rangers 3rd Division Weapons Specialist
DS9style-sgt green.png
Sergeant 238001.25 - 238301.01 Rangers 3rd Division Weapons Specialist
DS9style-cadet1 blue.png
Cadet Fourth Class 238301.01 - 237401.01 Starfleet Academy Chemistry and Science courses
DS9style-ssgt green.png
Staff Sergeant 238401.01 - 238505.20 Rangers 3rd Division Weapons and Explosives Specialist/Chemist
DS9style-gsgt green.png
Gunnery Sergeant 238505.20 - 238911.14 Rangers 3rd Division Weapons and Explosives Specialist/Chemist
DS9style-msgt green.png
Master Sergeant 238911.14 - 239407.12 Rangers 3rd Division Weapons and Explosives Specialist/Chemist
DS9style-sgtm green.png
Sergeant Major 239407.12 - Present USS Gorkon Weapons and Explosives Specialist/Chemist