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    '''Father''':Kavaal Jacobs(1/2 terran 1/2 klingon)(deceased)-scientist on Klingon Outpost 56
'''Father''':Kavaal Jacobs(1/2 terran 1/2 klingon)(deceased)-scientist on Klingon Outpost 56
    '''Mother''':Valaris(klingon)(deceased)-retired from the Klingon defense force after meeting Kavaal Jacobs.(tactical officer)
'''Mother''':Valaris(klingon)(deceased)-retired from the Klingon defense force after meeting Kavaal Jacobs.(tactical officer)
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[[Category:StarBase 118 Ops Alumni]]

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Full Name:Kolix

Current Rank:Ensign

Race:3/4 Klingon 1/4 Terran

Date of Birth:236001.21

Place of Birth:Klingon Outpost 56



Telepathic status:none



Weight:247 lbs

Hair Color:Light Brown

Length of Hair:Long (In between shoulder blades)

Eye Color:Green

Skin Tone:Light Bronze


Build:Bigger Upper body,Muscular,Think

Face:Typical Klingon ridges to the nose.Nose looks more Human than Klingon.


Mouth:Lips are small


Legs:Lean Muscular


Poses:When standing arms at side and back straight up

Taste in Clothing(When Off Duty):Typical tunic attire with pants (usually darker colors)

Shoes:Mostly boots when off duty

Voice:Deep and heavy

Handedness:Both (But prefers his right)


Quarters:Starbase 118 deck 767 section 22 Gamma quarters 456

Favorite Room:none

Habits:When at his Tactical station tends to lean on the top of the console with one arm while working with the other one.

Mannerisms:Very private but occasionally opens up to people he finds trustworthy

Religion/Spiritual Devotion:Typical Klingon beliefs. Sto'Vo'Kor,Kahless,Ect...

Hobbies and Pastimes:Klingon and Vulcan martial arts.Also Klingon hand to hand weaponry

Likes:Klingon food and drink,Klingon music,Targ hunting,Human Baseball,Klingon women

Dislikes:Cardassians,Romulans,Ferengi games,Ferengi food and drink

Ambitions and Goals:Reach the rank of Captain and command a Federation Starship.Also to live a life of honor.

Achievements in Life:Graduating Starfleet Academy

Disappointments in Life:Not avenging the death of his parents

Temperment:For a Klingon very level headed but when pushed to far he can go overboard in his actions.

Mental Problems:none

Physical Limitations:none





Father:Kavaal Jacobs(1/2 terran 1/2 klingon)(deceased)-scientist on Klingon Outpost 56

Mother:Valaris(klingon)(deceased)-retired from the Klingon defense force after meeting Kavaal Jacobs.(tactical officer)



Born on a remote Klingon outpost ,Kolix found it difficult to find his place with Klingons.Although his parents did not follow the traditional Klingon ways Kolix wanted to but because he was not a pure blooded Klingon other Klingons would not give him a chance.He found relaxation in both Klingon and Vulcan martial arts.Practicing for years to become a great warrior.When he was 20 both his parents were killed in an attack by Cardassians on the outpost.There were only seven casualties two being his parents.After that he floated around the Klingon empire trying to find his place but never felt comfortable in one place for too long.At the age of 27 he decided to apply for starfleet. He figured if he wasn't comfortable in the empire maybe he could find his place among other races.Kolix studies in tactical and sciences.Tactical because his mother used to be a tactical officer in the Klingon defense force until she met his father and retired her commission,and sciences to honor his father who was one of the leading scientist on the outpost til the attack.

236001.21:Kolix is born on Klingon Outpost 56

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