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Dr. Koer

  • Gender: J'naii
  • Position: Unassigned
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Race: J'naii
  • Spouse: None
  • Family: Unknown

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Koer was a medical officer on board the USS Constitution-B.


  • Full Name: Koer of the Doren Clan
  • Species: J'naii
  • Date of Birth: 2359
  • Place of Birth: J'naii Homeworld
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: J'naii (gender-neutral)
  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Current Assignment: N/A
  • Position: Medical Officer, Forensic Pathologist


  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 125#
  • Hair Color: Brown/Amber, (kept short)
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Skin Tone: Light Olive
  • Distinguishing Features: As with many J'naii, Koer has soft, feminine features. After escaping the J'naii Homeworld, Koer had eir brow ridges surgically reduced (but not entirely removed) in order to acclimate into other humanoid societies. Ey hides these ridges with longer strands of hair.

Gender Neutrality

  • As a J'naii, Koer does not assume a male or female stance in identity, and eir language reflects this. Koer will refer to a third party using the appropriate gender pronouns, 'he' or 'she', but refers to eirself using Spivak pronouns that Koer discovered while attending Starfleet Academy in San Francisco.
  • Recently, Koer discovered gender leanings in a relationship with Lt Alejandro Solis, a Terran. It is unknown whether the relationship has skewed Koer into either a male or female gender role (that specific set of information is too personal to be discussed here, but rest assured both parties are quite happy with each other)


  • Koer is a member of the Doren Clan.
  • Eir "parents" never kept the formed husk that Koer spent eir gestation period in. This fact always upsets Koer.
  • Ey has five other siblings ranging in age from 15 to 35. Koer is the second-eldest.

Starfleet Service Record

  • Information Pending

Career Prior to Starfleet Academy

  • Koer spent many of eir formative years as an art student, attending a prestigious institute where eir abilities as a painter was enthusiastically encouraged and allowed to flourish.
  • Before escaping the J'naii Homeworld, Koer was in medical school, specializing in J'naii physiology and pathology.

Starfleet Academy

  • Koer successfully completed basic medical studies but concentrated on xenophysiology and pathology with intentions of working as a forensic pathologist.

Starfleet Career

  • Information Pending


  • Information Pending

Personal Quotes:

  • "I'm a realist born on an unrealistic world"
  • "I'm a real 'cut-up'!" (in reference to forensic medical work)
  • "Go buy a business so you can mind your own" (about eir relationship with a Terran male)

Previous Assignments

  • Information Pending

Medical Record

  • Information Pending

Medical History

  • Information Pending

Physiological Profile

  • Koer is a typical J'naii.

Psychological Profile

  • Koer escaped eir homeworld because of specific gender leanings - Eir exact gender identity and preference has yet to be discovered.

Telepathic Status

  • 0 = J'naii are not telepathic.

Personal History

  • Koer's formative years were spent as a talented painter. Ey was accepted into a prestigious art institute before swapping the paintbrush for a laser scalpel.
  • At the age of 19, Koer got entangled in a secretive group that was against gender-neutral lifestyle policies. Four months later the group became involved in a riot, and as a result the entire group was on-the-run. After weeks of close-calls and dissension amongst the others, Koer and the majority of the group were able to escape off-world.
  • Koer arrived on Sol III a week later, and enrolled in Starfleet Academy.

Historical Timeline

  • Information Pending

Hobbies and Interests

  • Information Pending


Koer is referred to using Spivak pronouns which are a proposed set of gender-neutral pronouns in the English language. These pronouns are not in widespread use, but have been employed by some J'naii and other species who have issues referring to themselves with the more common alternatives "he/she" or singular "they". The pronoun set was popularized as neologisms by 21st century mathematician/educator Michael Spivak, who used it in a number of books.

The Spivak pronouns are formed from the pronoun "they" by dropping the "th".

There are two variants of the Spivak pronouns known, but the one Koer identifies with is shown in the declension table below.

Nominative Case/Subject Accusative Case/Object Possessive Adjective Possessive Pronoun Reflexive Pronoun
Male He laughs I hit him His face bled I am his He feeds himself
Female She laughs I hit her Her face bled I am hers She feeds herself
Singular "They" They laugh I hit them Their face bled I am theirs They feed themselves
Spivak Ey laughs I hit em Eir face bled I am eirs Ey feed emself