Knowles, Benjamin

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Chief Warrant Officer (4th Grade) Benjamin Knowles is currently the Senior Brig Officer serving with the crew of the USS Ronin.


  • Full Name: Benjamin Adam Knowles
  • Age: 29
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 235612.31
  • Place of Birth: Scotland, Sol
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Date Graduated from Academy: 238001.15
  • Current Rank: Chief Warrent Officer 4th Grade
  • Current Assignment: USS Independence-A
  • Duty Post: Senior Brig Officer


  • Species: Human
  • Height: 6'5
  • Weight: 12.8
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Handedness: Right


  • Father: Adam Knowles (Age: 49) Current Status: Married - A high ranking Officer of Federation Security.
  • Mother: Naomi Knowles (Age: 45) Current Status: Married - A high ranking Officer Starfleet Intelligence.
  • Spouse : N/A
  • Siblings: N/A
  • Children: N/A


Pre Academy Training

  • Primary Education : Henderson Avenue Primary School
  • Secondary Education : High Ridge Sports College
  • Secondary Education : Lossiemouth High School

Starfleet Academy Training

First Year

  • Core - Semester One
    • Administration: StarFleet Operations
    • Administration: Chain of Command and General Protocol
  • Core - Semester Two
    • Diplomacy: General
    • History: Federation
  • Core - Semester Three
    • Piloting: Runabouts and Shuttles
    • Law: Federation, General

Second Year

  • Core - Semester One
    • Law: Federation, Criminal
    • Law: Federation, Constitutional
  • Core - Semester Two
    • Medicine: First Aid and Field Medicine
    • Medicine: Pharmacology 1
  • Core - Semester Three
    • Armory: Introduction to Weapons
    • Armory: Hand Phasers, Phaser Rifles and Artillery
  • Elective - Semester Three
    • Armory: Knives and other Small Weapons
    • Armory: Non-traditional Weapons
  • Elective - Semester Three
    • Engineering: Sensors, Communications and Helm Systems
    • Engineering: Computer Memory and Personnel Interfaces
  • Elective - Semester Three
    • Language: (Non-Terran, Major Species)
    • Mathematics: Concepts

Third Year

  • Helm/Nav Minor - Semester One
    • Piloting: Minor Ships
    • Piloting: Major Ships
  • Security Major - Semester One
    • Diplomacy: Hostile Species
    • Diplomacy: Non-Traditional Situations
  • Security Major - Semester Two
    • Tactics: Combat, Martial Arts, Anbo-Jytsu and Federation Standard
    • Tactics: Combat, Phasers and Photon Torpedos
  • Helm/Nav Minor - Semester Two
    • Astrogation: Navigation of Starships, Sublight
    • Astrogation: Navigation of Starships, Warp Speed
  • Helm/Nav Minor - Semester Two
    • Tactics: Combat, Introduction to Starship Combat
    • Tactics: Combat, Shuttles and Runabouts
  • Security Major - Semester Three
    • Tactics: Combat, Marksmanship
    • Tactics: Small Units

Fourth Year

  • Security Major - Semester One
    • Piloting: Land Vehicles
    • Psychology: Hostilities
  • Security Major - Semester Two
    • Survival: Land-based Survival in Desert, Ocean, Jungle, and Moderate conditions.
    • Survival: Captivity
  • Security Major - Semester Three
    • Engineering: Deflectors, Weapons and Security Systems
    • Engineering: Operations and Command Functions
    • Engineering: Base-Mode Operations

Cadet Cruise

  • Whilst Benjamin had done well at the Academy and passed all his semesters, he found it hard to balance his social life and his work life on his cruise. Benjamin was placed on the New Zealand penal colony, a small rehabilitation centre. Benjamin, whislt dedicated to his work, found it difficult to carry out. Until a small rebellion struck the colony and he was a major player in shutting it down. This not only boosted his confidence but made him realise that working with prisoners and security was what he was suppose to do. The remaining two months Benjamin learnt to adapt his social life to his work life, and so very quickly and efficently. This earned himt he very rare and prestigous event of being promoted for his exemplary actions and quick thinking in a tense and volitile situation.
  • Benjamin Knowles, when he first came here i didn't think much to him, he struggled to adapt and showed little room for help, a very independant and strong willed young man. During his time here a riot broke loose causing damage to cell blocks, Benjamin was insrtumental in crushing this riot and securing his orders. This seemed to boost his confidence and ability to gain balance in his life, thus causing him to enjoy and react better to situations. I wish him well for the future and congratulations on the promotion. - Cmdr John Chapman. Stardate 238001.10

Profesional History

Service Record

  • 237405.22 : Graduated from High School
  • 237501.15 : Enrolled in Starfleet Academy
  • 238001.15 : Recieved a Major in Security
  • 238001.15 : Recieved a Minor in Helm/Nav
  • 238001.15 : Recieved automatic promotion to Warrant Officer
  • 238001.15 : Gradtuated from the Academy
  • 238001.16 : Recieved promotion to Warrant Officer 2nd Class
  • 238201.15 : Graduated the Acadmeys Command School
  • 238202.15 : Posted to USS Independence-A
  • 238307.15 : Recieved promotion to Warrant Officer 3rd Class
  • 238407.22 : Recieved promotion to Warrant Officer 4th Class
  • 238511.06 : Transferred to the USS Ronin as Senior Brig Officer

Medical Records

  • Diagnosed with long term Cancer to the Pancreas by Cmdr Isabell Burness - Stardate 237105.22
  • Treated at Starbase 1, declared fit on Stardate by Cmdr Isabell Burness - Stardate 237300.22

Psychological Records

Benjamin seems to be a very determined young man who has many goals and ambitions. His suffering from cancer seems to have made him a much more stronger and confident person who always likes to be surrounded by people. I Lt.Cmdr Damien Scott declare Cadet Benjamin Knowles mentally fit for entry into the Academy. -Lt.Cmdr Damien Scott- Stardate 237501.10

Serving Officers Reports

  • None at this time.

Awards & Commendations

  • None at this time.