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The Klingon Empire was founded by the legendary Kahless the Unforgettable after slaying the tyrant, Molor. The Empire was ruled by an emperor until 2069, when the Klingon High Council became so powerful that it took over the governing duties, ruling from Great Hall on the Klingon homeworld, Qo’noS. A clone of Kahless was later created by the clerics of Boreth, and this second Kahless once again asserted the role of the Emperor, though the High Council still maintained the majority of political power.

As a result of the Klingons’ warrior nature, their past is littered with military conflict. After a disastrous first contact scenario in 2218, the Klingons and the Federation were at odds with each other until the Organian Peace Treaty of 2267 imposed a reluctant peace between the two. After this event, the Klingons shared a brief alliance with the Romulan Empire, resulting in a trade of military technology between the two races which granted cloaking technology to the Klingon Empire. In 2293, the Klingons’ key energy production facility, Praxis, exploded, severely damaging the Klingon economy and causing environmental damage to the Klingon homeworld. This event led the Klingons to end nearly a century of unmitigated hostilities with the Federation via the Khitomer Accords.

The Klingon Empire became engaged in a brief civil war in 2367, and later allied with the Federation to fight the Cardassians and Dominion in the Dominion War after a brief period of renewed hostility with the Federation which had been brought about by Dominion influences in the High Council.

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