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Kinba City is the capital city of Adru. As the entire surface of Adru is covered with water, Kinba City is the only above-surface city on the entire planet. The city is mainly inhabited by the Adruan, Adru's native species. The Adruan are amphibious in nature, and only built the city to accommodate the offworlders that come to Adru. The main export of Adru was the healing liquid, laktum. The laktum was collected and distributed by the Adruan, who shipped it off-world from Kinba City. After the decline of laktum and the rise of technology, Adru was abandoned to its own devices, having no further need for Kinba City. Most Adruan left for their underwater cities. Kinba City would not be re-inhabited until teh early 2300's.


When the Adruan made contact with off-worlders, the aquatic beings built Kinba City in order to accommodate these new guests. Kinba City soon became a major trading hub, as the Adruan started to export their laktum to the rest of the galaxy.

During this time, Adru remained non-aligned. Some Caraadians secretly negotiated with top Adruan officials, who honored their integrity. These officials allowed the Caraadians to use a secret laktum mining facility located deep underwater. When laktum production began to decline, causing prices to soar, and customers began to flock to the emerging competition, technology. Offworlders abandoned Adru, and the Adruan returned to their underwater cities. During this period of isolation, the Adruan became primitive, with young Adruan warlords destabilizing the government and social order of Adru. Kinba City was left empty for the most part, and fell into disrepair.

The laktum supply returned, however. It is assumed that the Adruan resumed the shipment of laktum offworld. As such, it is also logical to assume that Kinba City was once again inhabited by the Adruan, who used the city to transport laktum offworld as they used to do.


The massive city floats atop the world-spanning ocean utilizing a buoyancy system that involves the massive city-center. Kinba City is shell-shaped, with a "base" that slopes down into the water. The area around the city's center is filled with hangars and landing zones. The landing zones are supervised by Adruan dock officers. Upon arrival in Kinba City, a visitor needs to pay a docking fee, or otherwise, they will not be admitted. The gates into the city are often guarded by Mark II assault robots, that will use armed force to prevent any visitor that refuses to pay the docking fee, from entering the city.

Cameras are used extensively throughout the city, and are perhaps the most volatile tool of the Kinba City Civil Authority (KCCA), the service that enforces the laws in Kinba City. Only embassies and hangars are not monitored. Well crafted fountains dot the many courtyards of Kinba City, around which travelers and Adruan mingle and socialize. The courtyards overlook the ocean, making the courtyards scenic places for tourists to enjoy. Rather than have closed roofs, open rafters overlook many spots in Kinba City, and serve as light sources for many locations across the city.

Recreation is abundant in Kinba City, and its inhabitants possess many means to pass the time. The extensive city of Kinba holds various resorts, hotels, cantinas, and renithor lounges for its people. Renithor racing is the most popular sport in Kinba City. Adru's famous renithor track is located in the center of the city, on the surface of the water. The racing circuit is very popular, and draws racers from all over the galaxy, to join in Adru's famous racing tournaments.

Points of Interest

Kinba East

Kinba East or East Kinba is the eastern-most part of Kinba City, located next to Kinba East Central. Renithor fans roam the area.

Kinba East Central

Kinba East Central is located between Kinba East and Kinba West Central in Kinba City on Adru. It is the location of the Freeworlds Embassy, and a hotel.

Kinba West Central

Kinba West Central was connected to the Adru Docking Bay. It was where visitors paid to get into Kinba City. It was located between Kinba West and Kinba East Central. A large fountain was located in a central area leading up to the main courtyard. The door of the courtyard was guarded by a security robot that would restrain or incapacitate anyone who did not comply with the Adruan dock officer and pay the docking fee needed to enter the city. The main courtyard had a circular pool of water in its center. The main laktum distribution center was located here as well. It was from this courtyard that one could travel to the western or eastern parts of Kinba City.

Kinba West

Kinba West was next to Kinba City West Central. It was the headquarters of the Adruan Court of Justice. It also contained a prison. It also contained several bars and entertainment establishments.


Intensely neutral, the Adruan used laktum to enforce their neutrality policy. Should any faction threaten Adru or Kinba City, the Adruan would destroy the laktum. This tactic was very efficient, and was brutally enforced. The Adruan also sought to keep domestic peace through a series of strict laws and extensive security forces. The Kinba City Civil Authority kept the peace in Kinba City, through armed force when necessary. During times of war, rival factions were prohibited from disturbing the peace. If a disturbance occurred, the KCCA would enact laktum sanctions upon the faction responsible. Individuals could be imprisoned, fined, or even executed. The Adruan were very serious about upholding their laws, and impartial officials ensured that no one was excluded in punishment.

Adru's second largest export was its tourism industry, and as such, Kinba City's biggest concern, apart from keeping the peace, was making sure its guests were happy. The extensive city held various resorts, hotels, cantinas, and renithor lounges. Renithor racing was the most popular recreational activity on Adru. The inhabitants of the city spent much of their time following the standings of their favorite racers, who were some of the most popular celebrities in Kinba City. The best renithor racers inhabited special renithor lounges of their own, making renithor racing a sport and a social opportunity.