Ki Shandres

Lieutenant Ki Shandres is a Betazoid Starfleet strategic operations and intelligence officer.

USS Invicta
Ki Shandres
Position Strategic Ops/Intel
Rank Lieutenant
Species Betazoid
Gender Male
DOB 235308.10
Age 47
Birthplace Betazed
"You really think some Jem'Hadar soldier is going to give a damn that you're holding a toolkit in one hand and a hyperspanner in the other instead of a phaser rifle? Hate to break it to you, Rahman, but they're not all friendly people out there."
–Shandres, 2374


Ki Shandres and Roshanara Rahman, 2377

Ki was born in 2353 on Betazed. His father was a neuropsychology professor at the University of Betazed, and his mother was a government administrator. He initially attended the University of Betazed in 2371 but left after a year, unsure of what exactly he wanted to do ultimately in his life. He joined the Federation Peace Corps and spent a year assisting colonies and border worlds suffering during the brief Federation-Klingon War of 2372-2373. That experience convinced him to apply for Starfleet, and he attended the Starfleet Academy Beta Ursae II campus from 2373 to 2377.

Academy Days

As the Dominion War raged on from 2373 to 2375 across the quadrants, Ki took a more pragmatic (and perhaps cynical) view of interstellar politics and Starfleet's emphasis on its mission of exploration over its peacekeeping and defensive role, especially when Betazed itself fell to the Dominion in 2374. He was an excellent student in his security and tactical classes, and became a member of the Beta Ursae II chapter of the elite Red Squad.

During his second year at the academy, he met first year cadet Roshanara Rahman in his Physics 101 class, and the two became study partners, though Roshanara tended to serve more as tutor. They began a relationship soon after. They dated intermittently until Ki graduated in 2377. They attempted a long-distance relationship, but after Roshanara decided in 2378 to stay at the Academy for an additional two years to complete a master's degree, they decided to go their separate ways.

He served as a security officer before working for Starfleet Intelligence.

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Additional Information

Ki is a PNPC created by the writer for Rahman/Bakari and written for by the writer for Raissa Moonsong.

From the Writers' Room:
Amanda: Who's playing Ki?
Rich: Mandy
Mandy: heh
Amanda: Can he come back to the Garuda with us?
Rich: Ladies, please. We are discussing serious things.
Mandy: We're serious. He's hot.
Rich: ::facepalm::
Amanda: No, see, I want to see what he thinks of Alora and her idealism and compare it to how he handled Nara.

He's cute, but that wasn't what I was thinking!

Mandy: I was.