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Betazoid Religions

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The Mystics of Khrysaros (also known simply as Khrysarians) are a secret society of Betazoid mystics who still practice the teachings of Khrysaros and travel the quadrant seeking out the “demons of pain and anger” not only use their telepathic abilities as a deadly weapon, but they also use these skills in armed combat.

These Betazoid mystics will often carry a special two-handed sword as a weapon of choice. And many of them will have the elite profession, Weapon Master, with this blade as their weapon of choice. The sword is known as a Khrysar'akai. And a skilled Betazoid warrior can use a type of telekinetic skill to cause their mental energy to interact with the weapon, making their blows more accurate, and their defenses more effective.[1]

Most Betazoids believe in the Four Deities and no longer worship Krysaros, although he remains an important figure in Betazoid mythology.

Genesis and Origin Myths

The following are the hidden mysteries of the Khrysarians or Mystics of Khrysaros. The genesis and origin myths presented here are not common knowledge. Only those who follow the teachings of Khrysaros, are experts in pre-ancient history and mythology, or are a close friend of someone who is would know of these stories.

Great Fire

The Great Fire refers to the God before there was Khrysaros and Karawati. The Great Fire ruled a kingdom of the same name. It was a place of temptations, pleasures, and ecstasy. A place where any imaginable sinful delight was explored and revelled in. Unknown to his subjects, the Kingdom of Great Fire was a hellish prison, disguised as Heaven. There his subjects were distracted, pacified, weak, and dependent. Their minds, hearts, and souls his to use and control. The spirits of those trapped by the Great Fire fueled the Dark Shadows. These evil creatures would be called in ancient texts, "the demons of pain and anger".

Khrysaros Escapes the Great Fire

Khrysaros saw the Kingdom of Great Fire for what it truly was and escaped. Getting out of the Great Fire was the easy part, but now, he had no where else to go. After leaving the Great Fire his mind, heart, and soul slowly became his own again. During this time he realized that he possessed many gifts. He could feel the emotions of those trapped and he could reach out and know their thoughts. When the Great Fire sent Dark Shadows to capture him, Khrysaros realized that he also had the warrior's gifts. However, no matter how hard he tried, Khrysaros could not create life, nor fashion a new place to live.

Karawatii's Release

The Dark Shadows failure to capture Khrysaros angers the Great Fire. He decides to try an new approach by taking control of Karawati, Khrysaros' sister, to convince and lure him back. However, by the time she reaches Khrysaros, his telepathic gifts are too strong to fall for the trickery. Instead, he frees Karawatii from the grip of the Great Fire and she joins him. The Great Fire continues to send Dark Shadows, but Khrysaros stops their advances and protects his sister. Meanwhile, Karawati's mind, heart, and soul slowly return to her and she discovers she has her own gifts. Like her brother she can sense the emotions and read the thoughts of those trapped. However, she does not possess the warrior's gifts. Instead, she and Khrysaros are elated as she discovers she has the gifts to create and bring forth new life.

The Great Seven

Karawati decides to create a place where those freed from the Great Fire can live and grow. She creates Betazed. Karawati sends her brother to the Great Fire to try and rescue the others. Khrysaros is unable to rescue everyone, but he returns to Karawati with Avandar, Merandar, Keylandar and Karawati's sisters Yimone, and Retana. The Great Seven (Karawati, Khrysaros, Avandar, Merandar, Keylandar, Yimone and Retana) would continue to bring life to Betazed and their mortal decedents.


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