Khonor Del

(PNPC) EnsignKhonor Del is a mysterious science officer newly transferred aboard the USS Tiger-A.

USS Tiger-A
Khonor Del.jpg
Ens. Khonor Del-Science Officer
  • Quote: "Brains before Brawn and Bounty before it all! That's the three B's. I simply live accordingly."
  • Quote: ((In response to 'GALON SUDRA ')) "The many life forms and their various cultures .... intrigue me.

Things that may not seem valuable to them can prove to be invaluable to us!"

  • DOB: 236212.18
  • Species: Joined Trill
  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Position: Science Officer
  • Specialty: Exobiology and Archeology


Full Name: Khonor Del (he calls himself)
DOB: 236212.18 (26)
Species: Joined Trill
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Light Blue/Grey
Height: 6'1
Current Rank: Ensign
Position: Science Officer
Specialty: Exobiology and Archeology


  • Planet: Born and Raised on Trill.
  • 'Parents: Father was a Galactic Bounty Hunter, Mother a Merchant
  • Childhood: Troubled youth. To escape the law he joined Star fleet after altering his identity. To aid in his identity alteration he joined with symbiont Del a previous master of disguise, charm, and illusion.
  • Adolescence: Changed name to Khonor, adopted the name of the symbiont , became Khonor Del , and enlisted in Star Fleet.
  • Work: Worked Along side Reynold Delores Scarlet Delores's father. Gained his trust, however Left in search of Scarlet when his plot to steal a valuable artifact from him was unintentionally foiled by the young Lt. JG.


  • Lifestyle: Khonor can charm himself out of any trouble. And can settle any dispute with a deadly glare. Khonor isn't afraid to kill. That's what makes him highly dangerous!!!

The RING Khonor is wearing (BELOW) is the only one left of it's kind. It is thought to hold a bit of the essence of the universe. (It is said) This makes it very sought after. It belonged to a wealthy and powerful Romulan Senator, How it came into Khonor Del's possession is a mystery.


  • Motives: Khonor is a bit of a Kleptomaniac, and enjoys expensive things. He is very vengeful and unstable and Wants to both retrieve what Delores has stole from her father, which he was about to steal and thus she stole from HIM! And Possibly Kill Scarlet Delores himself!
  • Proffesional: Khonor is an expert at Exobiology and Archelogy he has to be the rarest things are always the most valuable.
  • Today: Today, he has somehow alluded the authorities once more and is aboard the Tiger as a transfer Science Officer.

'(BELOW)' KHONOR DEL Today, Hair cut, Personable facial hair, and a soft inviting smile. As an Science Officer aboard the USS.Tiger-A

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