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Solerian Sector

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Khazam is a tremendously old man who sits stooped in a hoverchair. He is essentially a mass of wrinkles topped with a shock of snow-white hair. Khazam favors expensive but tasteful robes and sashes.

Despite his great age, Khazam is still the unquestioned master of Tansad Beach. He is the sole survivor of the group of renegade techs who founded the Beach, and reportedly the only one left who knows all of its secrets.

Khazam still has an active hand in the day-to-day operation of the station, and can be seen gliding from one end of the station to the other, accompanied only by his aide and bodyguard. He presides over most of the station's trials, which is enough to deter most "entrepreneurs" who are tempted to break some of the Beach's iron-clad rules - Khazam is not an espacially merciful man.