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Kevin's conception of himself as a reader
Kevin's conception of himself as a reader of fiction. Produced as part of an assignment for creative writing class
  1. 235810.27 - Born in Toronto, Canada
  2. 237103.12 - Competes in Northern BC Winter Games Phenomenological Representation Tournement
  3. 237809.02 - Attends liberal arts college pursuant to a computer science degree
  4. 238002.02 - Formally reprimanded by college dean for labeling certain hypothetical metaphysical beings un-creative in a speech
  5. 238109.10 - Enters Starfleet Academy
  6. 230405.24 - Commences advanced survival skills training drill with cadet Mbeki
  7. 230408.26 - Completes advanced survival skills training drill with cadet Mbeki
  8. 238601.11 - Completes starfleet training and moves on to training cruise
  9. 238501.19 - Completes training cruise and is stationed on the USS Independence-A as an engineering officer


Throughout much of his childhood Kevin was interested in astronomy. He liked reading about planetary geology and about the stars. He was enamored with simple machines and pulleys and he liked reading about the ancient automobiles that had been used on Terra during the 20th and 21st centuries.

He spent a great deal of time alone and absorbed in himself to the point that many saw him as strange and eccentric. Unfortunately he was often teased in high school, which led him to be even less prone to social interaction.


During his highschool days, Kevin fell in love with computer programming and decided to work as a programmer the rest of his life. The craft of programming seemed at the time to be a great companion in a world of people making fun of and taunting him.

Kevin attended a small liberal arts college / university for his computer science undergraduate degree. His primary focus there was the application of computers to solve mathematical problems and to create fictional realities.

Shortly before graduating, Kevin decided that a life on Earth working as a computer programmer didn't sound as appealing to him as a life exploring. So he applied to and was accepted into Starfleet Academy.

Reputation at the Academy

During his academy days Kevin was well-known for his programming ability. He would, on his spare time, develop programs to augment the entertainment facilities of whichever dorm he happened to be staying in. Attempts by security officers to bar him from accessing the systems tended to result in his hacking around their precautions. Nevertheless, the faculty of the academy did not consider Kevin's security violations serious enough to warrant his dismissal. They also saw his creativity as potentially valuable in the future officer.

Kevin always carried with him a colony of nanites in a container. He saw them as a kind of swiss army knife. With the unintentional evolution of the Smileys, Kevin had to rethink this idea and so he allowed both B and 8 serve as that swiss army knife, though Kevin tended to frown on their roaming his current assigned ship without his supervision. On stardate 238609.23 he sent them to the Daystrom Institute fearing their inability to serve as starfleet officers like the rest of the crew who were actually authorized to perform the kinds of repairs that the smileys loved doing.

Unorthodox Problem Solving

During his final cadet cruise, Kevin was able to demonstrate the success of Cadet Koloth's appending of long-range sensor data onto the internal sensor inputs by recourse to graph theoretic topological homeomorphisms.

Favourite Courses in School

Creative writing

Kevin took creative writing under the famous Walter Horne. In that class he learned the importance of keeping a detailed journal of his personal history. He also found the course a welcome distraction from the remnants of whatever existential angst he might have had as he entered the academy after deciding against a career in computer programming.

Finally, as part of an assignment to produce an artistic representation of his own perception of himself as a reader of literature, Kevin took a schematic from an ancient space probe and, comparing himself as reader to the probe as explorer, modified the image. Many of his peers commented that perhaps the work betrayed an overly mechanised imagination in the young officer or perhaps a lack of understanding of his emotional side.


Kevin was taught philosophy by an elderly and sociable Antosian. One of his favourite lectures was one on ontology, in which the professor discussed the ontological status of virtual objects from various perspectives throughout the history of Earth and other civilizations.