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Current Medical Conditions

High-Functioning Autism

Kevin has a variant of high functioning autism. The condition has not had any major impact on his ability to perform his duty.

Kevin's mother, Jan Breeman, had known he had the condition throughout his life but decided not to tell him about it until he grew older, fearing that the young Kevin would grow up to be a recluse like his 21st century ancestor.

Jan finally informed Kevin of the autism through a letter she sent him on Stardate 238708.08, writing the following:

Dear Kevin,
I know it must have been hard for you to transfer from one ship to another. I have some things I need to tell you that might shock you. They will most certainly explain many things.
I know you love reading your great great great grandfather's journal. Do you remember the way you used to talk all the time about him being autistic? Do you remember the way he was obsessed with computers?
Do you remember the way you used to flap your hands when you were young and rock back and forth while looking at your books? Do you remember how I used to tell you to stop? Your father and I decided that you shouldn't have to go through what your grandfather went through. We wanted you to grow up believing your were normal. So we never told you.
When you were born you were diagnosed with high-functioning autism. I know this might come as a shock to you and I will understand if you are angry we never told you.
I am proud of you and everything you've accomplished. It must have been hard growing up when you couldn't look me in the eye when we talked or when you couldn't sit still after finishing a paragraph in a book. I watched you and I marveled at every step you took.
I know you were angry with your father when you left for the academy, but please believe me when I say that he always speaks very highly of you with everyone he meets. We are both so proud of you. Don't look back on your great grandfather as though he were someone to look up to. You can look down on him. You've surpassed him in every way, Kevin.
Love Mom

Past Medical Conditions



  • 2387 - Minor plasma burns while repairing the warp core aboard the USS Independence-A
  • 2388 - Severe psychological trauma resulting from the use of Vaudwaar brain-washing flies against him and other members of a raiding party that was retaking Deep Space 17