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Kevin Breeman's PNPCs



Crew of the USS Columbia


Lt. Commander Kevin Breeman


I've presented each of the characters below with a rank and also an accompanying piece of music that helped me write that character. So far, I've gotten Jona's theme but I have to admit that most of the other characters in this list are more or less forgotten now.

List of Characters

Name Collar Pips Rank Accompanying Music
Patri Jia Kom   Civillian Still Believe (Vincent De Moor Remix)
Ithaca Ellens   Civillian
Cyrus   Civillian
B   Civillian
8   Civillian
Jan Droogendyk   Crewman
Jona Omid   Civillian Sunspot
Rowls the Mining Specialist   Civillian Grey Children
T8A Monster   Civillian For Whom the Bell Tolls
Sedrin   Tactical Commander London Deserted
Lt. Sahmson   Lieutenant Finger Eleven, Sick of it All, Cyberpunk Atmosphere
Jennifer Azorian   Lieutenant Commander None that I can think of