Kevel System/Estava

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Estava img.jpg
Stellar Cartography
Region Skeeror
Sector Aesto Sector
System Kevel System
Sun(s) Kev
Moon(s) 0
Orbital Radius 1.36 AU
Eccentricity 0.0448
Class L
Diameter 0.55
Atmosphere breathable
Hydrosphere 22%
Climate Rocky
Blackbody Temp 304.261°K (32.111°C)
Gravity 1g
Primary terrain Barren
Points of interest Mining
Length of Day 21hr
Length of Year 119 days
Native species Romulan,Reman
Other species None Noted
Official Language NA
Population 200,000
Technological Classification NA
Major cities Capital
Imports NA
Exports Tritium, Krellium
Affiliation Romulan Republic
Government Corporate

Planetary Description

Estava is the second of four planets located in the Kevel System. It is a dead world that is a primary mining source for the Romulan Republic. Though the air is breathable, the short rotation makes the nights and days pass very quickly. The thin cloud cover also has the planet plunge in to cold nights.

Recent History

Estava recently went silent in 2392 for unknown reasons. The USS Columbia was sent to investigate.

Encountered in: Nightmare