SIM:Keval Trolin: The Terrible Mistake

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Trolin: Well when we beamed down to the planet, our observations confirmed our sensor readings. There definitely had been some civilization living there but they had packed up long ago. After a few sensor scanning’s we were able to triangulate the only noticeable thing that had power still attached. It looked like the bottom of a transporter pad with a console to it. I was able to interface my PADD with the console and figure out that indeed this was the way onto the moon above.

When the captain gave us permission to beam over we were curious as to what we would find. We knew that the atmosphere was breathable and that there were defenses preventing our ship or any shuttle from descending to the surface and that there would be a way to transport back, but we didn’t know what we would find. When we arrived, we found ourselves trapped in a force-field box. We stayed there until we could convince them we were friendly. Then they sent us back to the planet with the codes which would allow us to communicate with them from our ship.

Eventually the captain was able to gain friendship enough with them to learn of their history as well as their trust to let us visit through the portal on the planet. An away team went down to pursue relations. I tagged along to see if I could learn the means through which the portal worked. I was able to determine that it was in fact a transporting pad much like the Federation’s. We learned from the away team that the populace had figured out how to defend itself from all sorts of races that wish them ill.

The planet had some automated defenses that, if a ship tried to descend into its atmosphere, it fired a few warning shots and then would begin to open fire. In addition, there were more powerful manual target systems that could bombard any ship in space that was closer than 120 million kilometers. They would not say more. I was however able to ascertain that upon the activation of the transporter an encrypted code was sent. An algorithm that was very hard to crack generated the code. With that code we would be able to beam down with our own ship.

After finally being able to crack the code the captain called for a meeting, he was impatient at how slow our trust was being earned. With the ability to use our transporters to beam down to any place on the planet he ordered an away-team to beam outside the back of their military base where the weapon was being stored. I was to go along with them. The intent was to acquire the specs of the weapon and anything else we could get.

There were some, including myself, who objected to this idea saying it was stealing and against Starfleet regulations but the captain would hear none of it. Being assigned to a team with a doctor and three security personnel we beamed down to the rear entrance. I was able to quickly crack the code to let us into the base. The base did not expect our arrival; our way was mostly un-impeded. But apparently, the captain had ordered for us to shoot to kill not stun. The security officer said “Disintegrated men tell no tales, or trigger alarms”.

A few men were killed on our path to the first important room. The enemy had their weapons set to stun I know this because Chemise Rouge was shot. The doctor was able to quickly revive him. The point being they were clearly not prepared to fight to the death. Despite the doctor's and my arguments, our weapons stayed set to kill. We were able to find an information room that gave detailed plans of the base. Hacking into the main-frame we were able to download all sorts of information. We learned the way everything worked: the main weapon and the automated ones, as well as how they protected themselves. We gained the specs to each so that we would be able to reproduce this, even put them on our starships. Unfortunately I realized that they knew we were there and that they were not only trying to kick me off but also charging up the main weapon to destroy our ship. Before they kicked me off I was able to shut down and lock out the weapon systems. ::Pause:: At least for a time.

Before coming down I had replicated some emergency transporter pins that once activated would broadcast the authorization codes and beam us back to sickbay. When we got back to the ship we learned another technology the people had. They had induced a warp inhibitor around the planet that prevented us from escaping the shots. Also they were beginning to scramble fighters and capital ships to attack us. Since I was not only an engineer but also a flight squadron leader, I headed down to the fighter bays. We were to delay the attacking ships long enough so that our ship could escape the warp inhibitor. We quickly realized however, the field was a lot larger than we originally expected. It became clear that we would not be able to escape in time and ultimately would be destroyed.

I was ordered to attack the main power core despite my objections because it would, it did, destroy the entire moon and all that were on it. I wasn’t going to do it, I absolutely knew that would be a violation of regulations. But when my best friend was well unable to beam-ject and died when they fired upon his escape pod. I realized this all came about due to my reluctance to follow the captain’s orders… well I guess I became angry and in my moment of anger I followed my orders. I fired the shot that ultimately killed the planet. Beam-Jecting back to the ship I was able to escape the following destruction. The planet's power having been destroyed, the warp inhibitor went off-line and we were able to escape. Well until you found out what we did and arrested us. I take responsibility for firing the shot that destroyed an entire civilization and I am willing to accept any punishment as a result. Travis: Well, thank you for your testimony we will investigate further and inform you of the action that will be taken. You are dismissed.

((A couple of hours later in the same briefing room))

Trolin: I am reporting as ordered, sir.

Travis: Lieutenant, we have determined that your actions play a minor part in the captain going rouge. However your actions cannot go unpunished, you are being demoted to cadet you will be assigned to Starbase 118 and must undergo a week long class where, if you pass, you will then be give a new assignment. Good luck. It will not be easy.