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Ensign Keval Trolin “Relay Station 579” Tags (Wilde, Bridge Crew)

N'Moulano: =/\= What do I want?  That's simple.  Leave.  We both know that you are violating the spirit of the peace treaty.  Layering your ship with Walkinium would cloak you. =/\=

  Wilde: "=/\= I'm afraid your sources have decieved you. We have no intention of using Walkinium on our ships. We are here at the invitation of the Chief Administrator of Wheeler. And as for the Treaty of Algeron, the Federation has kept that treaty for one hundred and fifty years and never broken it. Why would we do that now? Wouldn't it harm the new Romulan/Federation peace talks?"  

N'Moulano: =/\= True enough.  Of course by the same token, if you break orbit now I could arrange for a package to be left behind.  Something to help your Captain's illness.  It's so terrible when things like that become epidemic.  And how IS your wife's illness doing Mr. Wilde?  =/\=  

Wilde: =/\= That has nothing to do with the mission, or the situation on the planet. You want us to leave, but I remind you that you are in Federation occupied territory in Ithassa. It is you who must leave. =/\=

  N'Moulano: <Response>

  Wilde: =/\= I will take it under advisement. =/\=

"::He nodded to Pruitt to cut the line, and the smug Romulans face was cut from the screen.::  

Wilde: Does he have anything on that ship which would help our people?  


Wilde: Armaments and shields?  


Wilde: I think he's bluffing. He just wants us to leave. If we leave, he'll finish whatever he has started here without helping those in need. We're going to bluff too. Mr Trolin, would Walkinium hamper their scans on long range communications, too?  

Trolin: The Walkinium would hamper our ability to send a long range communiqué.

Wilde: (Tag)

Trolin: Well if we time it right we could launch a buoy that would be hidden from the Romulans scans. We could put a message on it. So that when it exited the …

  Wilde: (Tag)

Trolin: Well we don’t have to put a message on it but I don’t understand…..

Wilde: I have a plan of my own. Well, a bluff is more like it. I am a gambling man, and I'm raising the stakes. I want everyone at battlestations just to be sure.

Trolin: Effectively sir we are not able to connect to any subspace relay station from where we are.

Wilde: (Tag)

Trolin: We could give the buoy a fake transponder name, say Relay Station 579, if you want to pretend to connect to a Station. I could possibly even have it relay the message at a later….

Wilde: (Tag)

Trolin: I will get the buoy ready and have it launched the next time an asteroid passes between us and the Romulans.

.::Just then one of the new ensigns walked onto the bridge::  

Shran: May I be of any assistance?  

Wilde: Perhaps you can, Ensign...?  

Shran: I have more than a passing familiarity with all stations on the bridge   

Wilde: Very well, Ensign Shran, I believe you could assist Tactical in creating my little deception.  

Shran: I will endeavor to do my best, thought it is my duty to inform you that Vulcans are not comfortable in the art of deception. However, I am interested to hear your plan.

  Wilde: Here's how I see it. The Romulans tend to flee from any aggressive situation in which they don't have a decided tactical advantage in. With all this sensor-blocking Walkinium in the area they're no good against us.  

Shran: With sensors at unknown deficiency on both ships, they would not be able to arm their weapons without the risk of alerting us. 

.::Just then Trolin’s counsel beeped signifying the release of the buoy ::  

Wilde: Exactly, or us against them. So I'm going to make them think we're about to turn the odds to our favour. Ensign Shran, I'd like you to create a false long range communication code which will be partially masked by Walkinium but easily pieced together by the Romulans.  

Shran: Working on the assumption that Walkinium will mask any and all transmissions, it is a likely assumption that the Romulans will decipher transmissions sent to the nearest subspace relay station. Subspace relay station 579 being the one in question  

Wilde: I'm going to make them believe I've called reinforcements from the Independence and the Achilles. They're in our territory uninvited and it's pretty certain they're not wanting to move. That's why N'Moulano wants us gone so quickly. I think he's responsible for the epidemic on Wheeler and he's waiting for his man.  

Shran: Lt. Commander, I have sent the access code to your station waiting for your input. I have also removed 50% of the security from station 579 to facilitate ease of access for the Romulans.

.::Trolin Smiled::

oO If my fake subspace relay station fooled an unsuspecting star fleet officer, it should be good enough for Romulans that are concerned more about the message. Oo 

Wilde: Tactical, be ready for any change from the Romulan vessel.


Ensign Keval Trolin Engineering USS Ronin