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JP  Ens. Goodhart  &  Lt.JG Trolin  "Black Hole Basketball"


Goodhart: I, uhm, would like to sspeak to Lieutenant Trrolin forr a ssecond, ssirrss. If I am not interrrrupting anything, of courrsse.

She looked at each man individually, and waited patiently for Trolin's reply.::

Trolin: I would assume this has something to do with... as long as it is alright with Thomas.

Thomas: ((Response?))

Trolin: I'll be there as soon as possible.

With that Trolin turned to the counselor::

Trolin: Is there something I can help you with?

Goodhart: Could we go ssomewherre with... ::she looked around her:: lessss people? Wherre everr you are comforrtable, ssirr.

Trolin: I suppose so.  ::Stepping into the turbo-lift:: Computer Deck 2.

Kathalia followed him in, and stood quietly, trying to figure out how she would start the conversation without him running for the hills. She had a feeling her silence was making him somewhat uncomfortable, but she wanted privacy for his sake. When they reached their deck, she let him out first and followed him.::

Trolin: ::Taking the counselor to Holosuite 5 Trolin was dreading what was to come but also looking forward to the social interaction.:: Computer Run Program Khoners Gift.  ::Not waiting for the question Trolin responded:: He is my 20 year old brother. He gave this to me when I went on my first ship. It is well ... You will see.

Kathalia nodded at Trolin, and when the doors opened her jaw dropped. It was gorgeous. She had seen the stars, the galaxies, the nebulae, and everything else before, but only in pictures and from the window of ships. But never had she been abled to feel like she was walking with them. She cautiously stepping inside, waiting for herself to fall into the black void she felt should be there. Not floating off aimlessly or suffocating, she let herself breath and relax.::

oO It iss jusst an illussion. Oo

Goodhart: ::Twirling to face Trolin:: It iss... brreathtaking.

A PADD waited for Trolin on the small round silver table.::

Trolin: ::Picking up the PADD:: ::Reminiscent:: Yea. With this tablet we can go most places we could never see.

Walking though the systems was the first option. Trolin set the desired walking distance ((How far they would travel in KM per average step they took)):: We can walk through the systems and interact with the orbits of asteroids and comets. OR...
Trolin pressed Yellow Sun and the two found themselves dragged onto the surface of a healthy yellow sun.:: Or have you ever wanted to walk the surface of a star and feel the plasma beneath your toes. ::Picking up a hand full of the molten liquid Trolin let it slide down his fingers:: We can even sit back and watch the sun go supernova.  ::There was suddenly a bright light as the star they were standing on suddenly exploded sending it's contents around::

But there is always my favorite.

Trolin pressed black hole. The two were quickly dragged to a scene of a black hole. There were two Recliner chairs in front of them with a wastebasket of various objects:: This is my favorite. Have you ever wanted to sit back and throw objects at a black hole?
Through each scene change, Kathalia couldn't speak. She was full of awe, and no words could describe what she was seeing. When he got to the black hole, she let out a small laugh at the recliners and wastebasket.::

Goodhart: I can honesstly ssay, I have neverr thought of it.

Kathalia walked over to one of the recliners, and stood staring at the enormous black hole in front of her.::

Goodhart: ::Letting out another small laugh:: Thiss iss...

Trolin: ::Finishing her sentence:: Relaxing.  ::Trolin rummaged through the basket and picked out a gaseous planet. Tossing towards the black hole the planet started to orbit then grew to the appropriate size and started it's journey towards it's completion.:: So what can I do for you?

Kathalia looked in the basket, and picked up a pseudo-planet that looked much like Earth. Laughing louder this time, she threw it toward the black hole and watched it dance around.::

Goodhart: ::Smiley brightly at Trolin.:: I think I sshould feel worrsse about that, but it iss jusst too hilarrious to me. And harrmlessss.

Kathalia's manner turned more serious when he asked her the question she was dreading, but knew it was necessary.::

Goodhart: Ssirr, uhm... ::She paused, deciding to take a less informal approach.:: Trrolin, I wass wondering if you would like ssomeone to talk to. As a frriend.

Trolin: Huh? Your not here to..? What about...? No one has really... Who are you? Um what are you? I don't mean to sound rude....

Goodhart: I am Enssign Kathalia Goodharrt, and I am a Caitian.

Trolin: ::Laughs:: Close enough.... ::smiles:: Yes Kathalia I think we could talk.


Ensign Kathalia Goodhart Counseling USS Ronin


LT. JG. Keval Trolin Engineering USS Ronin NCC-34523