SIM:Keval Trolin: A Seccond Date?

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LT. Jg. Keval Trolin “A Seccond date?” (Tags Granger,Ro?/Sickbay)

((A Dark Holodeck))

Trolin I guess we should go.

Granger: Tag

The two walked out of the holodeck and began to split ways::

Trolin: oO Don't let her go Oo <<Give me a reason to go back>> Where are my manners! Mind if I walk you home m'lady?

Granger: Tag

Trolin walked back over to granger::

Trolin: So how have things been going in engineering. Granger: (Tag) Trolin: Tomarrow will be my..

Trolin was interrupted by his combadge ::

Thomas: =/\= Thomas to lieutenant Trolin =/\=

Trolin: =/\= Trolin here. =/\=

Thomas: =/\= Lieutenant, I need you in Engineering at 0700 hours. =/\=

Trolin: =/\= Yes sir, May I ask what for?=/\=

Thomas: =/\= We're going to fix that coolant patch. =/\=

Trolin: =/\= Aye sir. Sounds good.=/\=

Granger opened up her door::

Trolin: So.. I guess it's good night.

Granger: (Tag)

oO Ask if she is doing anything tomorrow night. Oo

<<What! Are you crazy!>>

oO Maybe but it is worth a shot? Oo

Trolin: Hay I was wondering if maybe um you would like to well go out

oO NOOOO That says date all Oo

Trolin: date

oO over IT WHAT!!!! no I didn't say say date oh... my... goodness! Oo

Trolin: I mean if you aren't doing anything

oO Stop! Stop! STOP! Oo

<<What do you want from me!?>>

oO Ask her if she is available tomorrow night Oo

Trolin: ::blurts:: AreYouAvailbleTomorrowNight

oO We're dead. We are so dead! Oo

Granger: Tag

With that the door to Grangers quarters doors closed::

oO OH wow I should kill you. I should kill me just for having to listen to that! Oo Trolin: I'm stupid stupid stupid.

Trolin went to bang his head against the now closed door. Going in for a good blow Trolin rushed in really hard. Suddenly the doors to the room opened, Granger went to speak but all that came out was a Blah followed by the thud as Trolin hit Granger's head with all his might. Granger collapsed to the floor as Trolin tried to figure out what just happened and why the door was not where he was expecting it to be. Trolin stumbled forward and tripped over Jill. He realized she was lying unconscious on the floor...::

Trolin: =/\= Trolin to uh..::rubbing his head:: Opps =/\= Computer: =/\= Unknown Recipient =/\= Trolin: =/\= Trolin to Sickbay =/\= Ro?/Sickbay: =/\= (Tag) =/\= Trolin: =/\= We need you at Jill Granger's Quarters =/\= Ro?/Sickbay: =/\= (Tag) =/\= Trolin: =/\= She is unconscious and might have a concussion =/\= Ro?/Sickbay: =/\= (Tag) =/\=


Lt. JG Keval Migraine Trolin Jill's Room U.S.S. Ronin NCC-34523