Kerr, Finchley

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Ensign Finchley Kerr served as a security officer aboard the USS Constitution-B.


  • Full name: Finchley Kerr
  • Date of birth (Age): 235913.14 (22)
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair color: White (albino)
  • Eye color: Grey (albino red eye rim)
  • Height: 5' 10"
  • Medical remark - has a synaptic disfunction, naturaly occuring.


  • Parents: James and Georgina Kerr
  • Siblings: None (only child)
  • Spouse: None (not married, no current girlfriend)
  • Children: None


Growing up in Liverpool was a fantastic time for Finchley and his family. A very close knit community, all the families knew each other and your neighbour was also your friend. This was never more so prevelant than when times grew difficult, and there wasn't much in the way of food or clothing. 'Things' just arrived on your doorstep out of the blue like food, clothes, replicator rations or the offer of work in a note...'that's' how communties worked, and that's why Finchley loved it so much.

His father was a construction labourer, and at times there was plenty of work, and at other times there was little or nothing, but in the end, James Kerr knew what important to him, and that was his family of Georgina his wife and their son, Finchley.

'Jimmy' (as he prefered to be known) would sometimes have to travel a fair distance to get the work he needed to sustain his family, but his work ethic was such that he did what was neccesary to make sure the family was provided for, and he knew that the family understood.

Georgina Kerr was a fantastic mother. A mother, nurse, confidant, play partner, cook, cleaner, chauffer and every other job that a mother does with her child, she just loved Finchley to bits so much. This was never taken advantage of by either Finchley or Jimmy. Once a week she was taken out and pampered by them with whatever it was she chose to do because it was 'mums day' and they knew it was special and about her and what she wanted and needed.

As for Finchley himself, he was a bright studious child, always having his head either in a book or a study PADD if he wasn't out climbing hills or splashing around with his friends in the local pond. He looked upon the chance to go to school as a privilage because he knew that there were other less fortunate kids who weren't able to and he wanted to make his aim in life to be a person who, when he was older, could dedicate his life in the pursuit to make 'all' peoples lives better lives.

So he studied hard at his primary school from a young age (though he did remember to have fun playing in the playground as well) and made sure that he knew his studies, knew his maths and English, spelling and reading etc so that when he came to his secondary school he already hard the study ethic within him.

Secondary school was a little daunting at first for Finchley, he'd been used to having a class of around twenty five or so, now he was in classes that had about forty and study was harder because there were more distractions. However, he soon knuckled under and got his head back into his studies and it was in his first year there at the secondaryschool that he discovered he had a penchant for physical education.

The school teachers to made note of this and when it came for time to choose his third years studies, his house master spoke with him and the guidence tutor advised a study course that allowed him more physical education as well as appropriate study for other subjects.

At the end of his secondary school career, he sat his general study and physical education exams, passing them all. His housemaster then sent for his parents and along with Finchley, he discussed the idea of Finchley applying to starfleet academy so that Finchley could further his studies and make a career out of his love for physical education.

After much soul searching and deep discussions with his mother and father, Finchley decided that he would indeed apply to join Starfleet Academy. It was to his and his families great joy that within a very short period of time they heard back that Finchley had been accepted to join the academy and that he was to report there in two weeks.

That last two weeks were so lovely, because Finchley spent every waking minute he could with his parents before he left to go to the academy, knowing that he wouldn't see them for long periods at a time, so he made sure he took the time then.