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Jack Kelray

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Professional Service

The Ithassa Mission

Ithassa Region

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Major Jack Kelray formerly a retired Starfleet and SFI officer, was conscripted back into service after his capture at Starbase 118 and is currently the Tactical/Marine Operations Chief for DS17.


  • Full Name: Jonathan (Jack) Edward Kelray
  • Current Rank: Marine Captain
  • Race: Terran
  • Date of Birth: 234202.10
  • Place of Birth: Geneva, Switzerland, Earth
  • Gender: M
  • Telepathic status: none


  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 171lbs
  • Hair Color: Auburn
  • Eye Color: Ice Blue
  • Handedness: Ambidexterous


  • Spouse: Lillian Sade, deceased; CMO Caitlin Merced, deceased
  • Children: Elizabeth Kelray (currently missing)
  • Parents
    • Father: Captain Matthew Kelray, retired
    • Mother: Ambassador Meredith Johannah
  • Siblings: None

Personal History

Jack, born Jonathan Edward, was born on stardate 234202.10, the son of Captain Matthew Kelray (USS Firebird) and Federation Ambassador Meredith Johannah (of the New Swiss Combine, NSC). The extent of his early years is correlated between the missions of the USS Firebird with the assignments of his mother. Jack was very much the product of a Starfleet family, and during the bulk of his early years indoctrined into the history of his mother’s Canon.

He flew with his father consistently between the ages of ten (10) to sixteen (16) and through the ship, Jack passed the clearance examination for ship piloting prior to entering Starfleet Academy two years earlier in 2358, bound for Flight School and decided to take the Intelligence Securities Entrance Examination (mostly for fun), which earned his cadet Intelligence clearance.

Starfleet Academy knew Jack Kelray as an extremely brash, independently-minded cadet who divided his time between Flight School, Intelligence and Art (including Archeology). One of the foremost, usually the one leading, and prone to devious pranks during his four years. Kelray is infamous for a banned “Star-Cross” maneuver he and his fellow team performed at the graduation ceremonies that nearly ended their Starfleet careers then and there. Archives of his reviews on multi-cultural art and architecture can be found in the Starfleet database.

Jack went on to find a home for the first two years on the USS Ticonderossa as a Helms officer and F120 pilot. He was described as an intense, but fun individual who despite his somewhat aristocratic nature, was very sociable and easy to get along with. He flew for the ship between 2362 and 2364 before Starfleet Intelligence activated his agent status and brought Jack home.

Kelray’s apt was focused in intelligence/counter-intelligence and undercover operations. He spent the next three years of his life behind enemy borders in field training, acquiring the skills for Linguistics and Language. By the time he reached twenty-five (25) in 2367, Jack was fluent in most of the Alpha Quadrant’s major languages which later proved to be beneficial when he went into Cardassian space as a freelance hacker by name of Cracker. He spent a year moving intel out of Cardassia back to Starfleet before they arranged for “Cracker’s” death. Kelray came home.

In 2368 Jack was back on the Ticonderossa at the helm and worked his way to Lt. before the ship was mothballed by the Fleet. Kelray enjoyed some time off before an opportunity opened up at Starbase 109 inside the Erathia System and orbiting a dilithium mining colony. He transferred to and was accepted at the starbase heading up a fighter wing as a wing commander, and occasionally having the strings pulled when SFI wanted him out in the field. It was a win-win situation.

It was also where Jack met his first wife, Lillian Sade, a fellow fighter pilot. A fast romance and shared love for danger brought them together. Sade was in her third trimester of pregnancy with twins when the Romulans assaulted the Starbase. She flew without Jack’s knowledge and nearly died in space before they could beam her back. One of the twins, a boy, was lost. Starfleet Medical was able to save the girl that Lillian asked to be named Elizabeth before she died on the flight deck floor.

It is said Jack Kelray fell that day and some argue he never entirely recovered.

But life goes on, and so did the newly widowed and single father. Kelray rebounded, but it was short-lived when interfacing with a Romulan nanite planted inside an Admiral’s cerebral cortex. An unexpected surge fried Kelray’s MIPS to his neurons which was later indentified as some kind of biogenetic fusion. Jack wasn’t complaining after long when he discovered he had become a walking slicer.

Neither was SFI. Kelray’s LOAs were becoming increasing longer as his experience in Intelligence Field Operations lengthened. He was also becoming tired of the game, and not thrilled leaving his daughter behind for long absences. He finally submitted his resignation to SFI in 2375 and stuck with the starbase, eventually working into Lt. Commander when he met a new CMO, Caitlin Merced.

A three year dance finally ended in 2378 when Jack and Caitlin married. He was moving up, she was settling in and moving up. Just about everyone said it won’t last, but it did. It was also the year SFI came calling back. They were not done with Jack Kelray.

But what they had in mind caught Jack’s attention. SFI wasn’t after him to return to the field. They wanted him running training operations for incoming intelligence officers. Kelray pleasantly found the best of both worlds in what really was the golden years, between 2378 to the end of 2380, for once settled into his family, one surprise promotion to Commander and Lt. Colonel, and very confortable looking after the interests of the mining colony and training future officers as undercover operations specialists.

Post Years

On stardate 238001.01, everything changed.

Jack was on assignment training what would be his last trainee, a young man by the name of Danny Wilde, when the word reached him. An Orion raid into Erathia, hundreds of lives killed, hundreds missing. He left his protégé half trained and shot back to the starbase to find it a smoking ruin, the colony below, the smoke could be seen from space.

The grand total: 853 men, women and children killed. 143 were missing, taken as slaves from the Orion raid. Among the dead, his wife Caitlin. His daughter Elizabeth was among the missing. Jack spent the next couple months requesting SFI to go after the missing Federation citizens to no avail.

On stardate 2380.0315, Kelray submitted his resignations and before SFI or Starfleet could catch up to him, he raided the Beta Andreas and stole an experimental fighter craft. He disappeared off radar. Two days later, SFI issued the arrest warrant for Jack Kelray and bumped him into Starfleet’s 10 Most Wanted.

For the next three years, Jack traversed space chasing leads, bouncing between Orion, into the Ithassa Region, back into Federation Space, occasionally breaking into the SFI database for leads. Unable to return, chased by those he himself had trained a few, Kelray managed to stay one step ahead until returning to the Ithassa in late 2383 where he got caught in the cross-fire of an invading Gorn armada that forced him back to land on Starfleet’s DS17 facility.

Kelray enjoyed a brief reunion with his former protégé before the return of the late USS Independence staff, including Admiral Jessa Anasassi who wasted no time throwing Jack into the brig. He came to help, but spent most of his time in the brig until the Gorn finally invaded the starbase. Jack was forced to use his backup emergency plan before getting shot and beamed out of confinement to convince a bunch of marines to join him.

They managed to vaccum the point of penetration before Kelray led his small strike team on a dirty, fast strike inside the Gorn flagship. Unfortunately, it happened right before the USS Independence rammed the Gorn flagship and they quickly had to beam themselves out of there.

Kelray got snagged by one of the FTU ships engaged in the Battle for DS17 and spent several months being treated for burns and injuries before he was well enough to move some credits. He bought out the ship contract with the intention of giving it back to the FTU crew as a means of thank you (also, because he planned to use it as a diversion). Unfortunately, his plan backfired when the crew signed on to help him on his personal mission:

Rescue the 143 Federation citizens the Orions stole, including his daughter.

Kelray ended up captaining a rechristened FTU ship, the FSS Odyssey. He and his inherited crew blasted out of a FTU base facility and that was the last anyone saw of the them or the ship… until later. He eventually was captured on the hunt for the USS Independence-A when it disappeared inside an area known as Bull's Run, after unexpectedly showing up at Starbase 118.

Present Day Whereabouts

Jack was sent out after the USS Independence-A on the Euprhates mission to rendevous. It was almost his last, as he caught up to the ship during a pre-emptive T'lithium strike. He attempted to retake the bridge during the skirmish and nearly got himself killed (and some say, rightly should have died).

After docking with the Midway Repair Facility, Jack was dispatched back to DS17, where he was eventually assigned to Tactical and serves as the Tactical/Marine Operations Chief.

Recreational Activities

A connoisseur of art and fine wine, also a former gallery owner. Also was an amateur archaeologist.


Politics, Art, Art History, Painting and Architecture. Computers, hunting simulations, martial arts and fast ships

  • Prized Possessions: His Art and wine collection.