Kela Idisha

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  • Full name: Kela Idisha
  • Date of birth (Age): 236612.04 (Age 24)
  • Species: Andorian
  • Gender: shen (Female)
  • Hair color: White
  • Eye color: Silver / Grey
  • Height: 178cm / 70 inches


  • Parents:
    • Utraar Idisha (thavan - Father)
    • Porova Idisha (charan - Father)
    • Korevrith Idrani (shreya - "Egg Mother")
    • Saste Futharsh (zhavey - "Birth Mother") (deceased)
  • Siblings: Handirsh Idisha, Grotas Idisha, Intri Idisha, Omaskith Idrani
  • Spouse: none
  • Children: none


Kela was born in the lands of Clan Idisha on Andoria. Her upbringing was traditional, though she had to fight more than her share of duels against bigots who didn't like that her zhavey ("birth mother") had been one of the Aenar, Andorian telepaths who were normally so secretive that many thought them extinct or to be a legend. Kela's zhavey died in childbirth, and none of the children have shown any sign of inheriting telepathic ability. They did, however, inherit an uncommon skin pigmentation noticable to other Andorians. (To aliens, she's still "blue like the rest of them," but perhaps slightly turquoise.)

Circumstances forced Kela to learn the fighting arts and the ritual aspects of dueling to first blood, but given the choice she preferred the drama and stagecraft of Clan Idisha's epic plays, or watching her two fathers work together at bladesmithing. Something more collaborative and more constructive.

Her intent was to become a playwright, but it was traditional in Kela's family to serve in the Andorian Guard before returning to carry on the clan's traditions. This was a difficult time for Kela, amidst competitive young hotshots trying to prove themselves at one another's expense. But it was in the Guard that she first encountered a Starfleet crew and began to consider moving off-world. After a challenging year in the Andorian Guard (and about twenty duels), Kela successfully applied to Starfleet, attracted by the possibility of working in concert with a large number of alien species and seeing the galaxy.

Once at the Academy, Kela was fascinated by the hundreds of cultures represented by her classmates and concentrated heavily in diplomacy, arts, and psychology. She had also, of course, been raised Andorian, and would have felt as if she were neglecting her duties if she did not at least minor in tactical and security studies.

Kela's peers and instructors describe her as "exuberant" and "brash," but also "a good listener" and "quick to bond with fellow cadets." She can be somewhat blunt, but sometimes that is what's needed, and perhaps subtlety will come with experience.