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Keal's Pub follows the overall styling of an old Earth English pub. It is designed to be a relaxed place, with a wide variety of beverages from multiple worlds and a recently upgraded kitchen. Following renovations resulting from several chaotic events on the station in a row, the pub has a combination of green, red, and white plaid carpeting and dark wood columns and furniture. The bar is well sealed real wood, complete with a set of comfortable stools. The lighting is comfortable, neither too bright nor too dim.

At the far end of the pub are several red-trimmed pool tables and a pair of dart boards, all kept far enough away from seated patrons to prevent any errant darts from causing injury. There are also a pair of rooms at the back of the pub with card tables, along with comm panels to allow patrons to call for food or drink.

The pub is the brainchild of Nathan Keal, a human male in his mid thirties. Born and raised on Andoria, his father was one of the few humans ever invited to join the Imperial Guard while he mother worked in a local power generation station. Nathan found employment in a bar/restaurant in one of the larger cities. His dark hair and light skin always set him apart from those around him, and he had to develop a thick skin against insult. His cheery demeanor is part of this, allowing him to shrug off most verbal assaults directed his way. Physical training allowed him to handle the more... physically aggressive assaults. He was forced to leave Andoria after being framed in a Tal'Shiar plot to cause tension between Andoria and the Federation. Though the exile has since been lifted, Nathan is unsure how welcoming his home might be after the time spent away from it.

Nathan's first employee was a Vulcan-Human male named Sarmik. After spending a few decades hitchhiking around the Federation by offering his services as a computer technician, Sarmik decided it was time to settle down in one place for a while after landing at Starbase 118. Nathan had just been setting up his bar at the time Sarmik was looking for new employment. Though Sarmik had not worked in such an establishment before, it did present itself as a challenge unique to him. Sarmik found the work fulfilling, his most strongly expressed human side finding enjoyment in bringing relaxation to others. Though he may well travel the spacelanes again one day, for the time being he is quite content to remain at Keal's.

Not long after opening, two Betazoids approached the establishment seeking employment. They were siblings, twin brother and sister named Jolin and Leylin. They did not wish to discuss their past, not their reason for coming to the station. Nathan has had his theories as to what had happened, though most of them were not good. Understanding the need to escape from one's past in the face of great hardships, Nathan welcomed them in and gave them somewhere to belong. They'd demonstrated a knack for knowing what patrons require, and quickly became the best servers Nathan had ever worked with. In their time working together, neither have ever given Nathan reason to question their integrity. If the day comes that they choose to share their story with him, Nathan will be ready to listen with open ears, and an open mind.

The most recent addition is Vera Yanis, an Andorian shen and former member of the Imperial Guard. They first met back on Andoria, where Vera would frequent the establishment Nathan had found employment. She admired his ability to shrug off the hardships brought upon him by her people, and after getting to know him quickly became his friend. Vera is the only Andorian who can get away with calling Nathan a "pinkskin", as Nathan knows she will only ever use the term in jest. When Nathan was framed, Vera remained his staunch ally. The shen felt that her people were betraying a man who had been their friend for many years, and she only admired him more for the strength he showed in the adversity. After helping to put an end to the Tal'Shiar's plans on Andoria, Vera left the Guard to find where Nathan had gone. After learning of her recent unemployment, Nathan immediately offered her a job. The two grew close in their shared exile, falling in love and marrying two years after her arrival. While she misses her home, and has gone to visit a few times since the lifting of Nathan's exile, she knows that her home will always be where Nathan resides.

OOC Note: Keal's Pub was created by LT Kaitlyn Falcon's simmer. Anyone may feel free to utilize Keal's Pub as it is, and make reference to its staff, but the creator requests that no major changes be made without prior consultation and approval.

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