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WARNING: This religion is non-canon and does not by any means try to explain the mysticism of the Betazoid faith. This is just one rendition of what it 'could' be, based on study and imagination.

The Details

The religion is one that involves many variations of Gods and Goddesses.

Karawati is identified as Betazed herself, thus Mother Nature. Without her care to the individuals that make her home, there would not, in essence, be life at all. It is because of her they have the gifts of empathy and telepathy. It is used to keep their minds open, to feel her love and she would in turn feel theirs.

The Moons are described as her two sisters, Yimone and Retana, the twins of the heavens. One without the other would destroy the flow of water on the planet, change the tropical seasons and light at night.

A number of other Gods and Goddesses follow, but each have their own quality and sect of followers.

The Houses: The Play According to Karawati Followers

  • First House of Betazed: House of Honesty/Truth
  • Second House of Betazed: House of Mysticism
  • Third House of Betazed: House of Health
  • Fourth House of Betazed: House of Natural Art and Muses
  • Fifth House of Betazed: House of Nobility
  • Sixth House of Betazed: House of Heart and Life
  • Seventh House of Betazed: House of Courage
  • Eighth House of Betazed: House of Intuition
  • Ninth House of Betazed: House of Wealth
  • Tenth House of Betazed: House of Perseverance
  • Eleventh House of Betazed: House of Hearth
  • Twelfth House of Betazed: House of Balance
  • Thirteen House of Betazed: House of Peace and Protection

The House's Stories

The statue of the Goddess stands molded in marble, donning a silver and gold robe with a circlet chaining a series of stones together. There is a different stone, all thirteen, signifying a different house. This is considered to be the buds of her grandchildren and children in life now, a symbol of her ever-loving connection and spirit within them. It is said if they wear the stone of their house it will amplify their strength in which their house represents.

Reminder: Not all of the members of the Houses stay true to this belief. This is only pertains to whom follows the Karawati belief.


Common Terminology

Love, Marriage and Relationships

Each Karawati follower considers Love a sacred thing that should not be taken advantage of or for granted. Though some approach the ethics a bit differently, given their personality type, it is still considered a gift from the Goddess when he or she finds their Imzadi.

Places and Art of Worship

Most followers choose to adorn their bodies with associated piercing and body art. This would mostly be kept hidden, but are displayed in many of the festivals and rites.

Common Incenses and Candles


  • Revann: A flowery essence that associates with wildlife and the grandeur of the outside world. It is said to connect the person preparing and burning to the Goddess herself, and is more inclined to have a more spiritual connection with others not to mention themselves.

Cycles, Solstices and Festivals

Raising Children and Family Affairs

Ceremonies and Rites

  • Caitia Panelle: The rite to ensure a good, healthy life full of lessons and prosperity that is enacted upon birth. This ceremony ensures the gift of empathy and telepathy, also, so they can feel the connection to others and the Goddess herself.
  • Ascension-



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