Kapalar Drawoh

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Character Hatchery
Kapalar Drawoh
Position Civilian
Rank Civilian
Species Ktarian
Gender Male
DOB 236108.31
Age 39
Birthplace Ktarian Embassy on Vulcan

Kapalar Drawoh is a Ktarian character available in the Character Hatchery. Extremely shy and quietly timid young officer.


  • Name: Kapalar Drawoh (Being Ktarian, however, he would be referred to as Ensign Kapalar and NOT as Ensign Drawoh)
  • Race: Ktarian
  • Date of Birth: 236108.31
  • Place of Birth: Ktarian Embassy on Vulcan
  • Age: 22
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: 0


  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight:
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Length of Hair:
  • Eye Color: Green, Feline (Catlike) Eyes that always give him
  • Skin Tone: Tanned
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  • Mouth:
  • Arms:
  • Legs:
  • Carriage: Walks with purpose, saunters, moves slowly or quickly, etc.
  • Poses: Hands/gestures, feet/legs, torso/head)
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty):
  • Shoes:
  • Voice:
  • Handedness: Left, right, ambidextrous?


  • Quarters: Decorations, pictures, etc.
  • Favorite Room:
  • Mannerisms:
  • Physical Limitations:
  • Temperment:
  • Habits:
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion:


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  • Marital Status: Single -Very shy around girls.

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  1. Doctor Uocap Seluj, medical practitioner and surgeon, now resident on Ktaria VII.
  1. Father: Ambassador Drawoh Trebla, Ktarian Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets and council member. Reknowned for negotiating Federation appeasement after the “Ktraian Game” incident of 2368, convincing the UFOP to remove sanctions accepting Ktaria's app


  1. Captain Rocar Drawoh-Hilzarie
  2. Ettol Drawoh (18) Nosli Drawoh (27)Eduj Uocap (26)Narf Uocap (24)Rehpo Drawoh (19)Ettolrahc Uocap (15)Nawro Uocap (13)Tirch Drawoh (11)

Personal History


2361: Born Cardassia 2362: Moves to Vulcan 2368: Moves to Earth 2371: Parents divorce, Returns to Ktaria 2379: Joins Starfleet Academy

When Kapalar was born Ktaria VII was politically Neutral with regards to the Federation and other Alpha Quadrant powers. His father was the Ktarian ambassador to Cardassia Prime and lived in the Ktarian embassy there with his family. It was here that Kapalar was born, but unlike his oldersiblings he barely remembers it as by the age of one they had moved home…

Despite various successful negotiations, by early 2362 Kapalar’s father sought retirement from the complicated life of 'negotiating' with Cardassians, claiming he was appalled at the number of atrocities he had seen authorised by the Cardassian Central Government. The Ktarian government were reluctant to accept the retirement. Instead they reassigned him to their embassy on Vulcan.

Kapalar essentially grew up on Vulcan until the age of 8 and through his primary education already became familiar with the ways of the federation. Being surrounded by Vulcan children was hard, as was being the younger and shorter brother to some well built Ktarians. As such Kapalar became a very quiet child…not the kind you would envision growing up to join Starfleet.

Whereas Kapalar’s older brothers and sisters made a point of not wanting to be 'as miserable in life as a Vulcan is' and he vowed to always smile whatever the situation, developing loud good humour, large grins and a loud laughs; Kapalar on the other hand seemed to intimated by the big contrast between the Ktarians in his life and Vulcan society.

Whereas his siblings were always in and out of trouble, Kapalar rarely did anything naughty, so secretly he looked up all his older siblings as heroes.

In 2367, Some Survivors of Wolf 359 are sent to the Starfleet medical hospital on Vulcan. Meanwhile, there were fears the borg cube would target their planet after Earth. Too young to remember the experience, Kapalar spent days in the shelter basement of the Ktarian Embassy wondering why everyone seemed as nervous as he did.

Kapalar’s main memoires of Vulcan were making sand castles in the desert with his brothers.

In 2368 A Ktarian game distributed on Risa had the neurological effect of rendering the player a tool of the Ktarian government. With this they planned a takeover of the Federation and other galactic powers. This led to their censure and embargo by the Federation. While Ktarian biotechnology was prized on the black market, the exotic technologies were banned as a sanction for their plot.

So in 2368 Kapalar’s father was brought out of his "backwater embassy" and sent to Earth as Ktarian Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets -regarded as the only man who stood a chance of negotiating the federations' Forgiveness.

It was here that Kapalar, aged 9 met many varied, strange and wonderful races though a desire to enter Starfleet did not come till many years latter when he essentially decided he wanted to follow his older brother Rocar.

Shortly after the move to Earth Kapalar’s youngest brother was born. However, Rocar's father’s new workload meant that he was spending less and less time with the large family.

In 2371 Kapalar’s parents divorce and he returns with his mother, brother and sister to Ktaria VII.

It was here that Kapalar spent his teenage years. Clinging to his siblings, together they learnt the skills of the galaxywide famous Ktarian cuisine including the exquisite Ktaria chocolate puff which contains at least 17 varieties of chocolate. Kapalar also started going to a lot of the famous Ktarian music festivals and himself became a reasonable standard trombonist.

Sportswise, Kapalar was never as muscualar in build as his older brothers but he still joined them in rrock climbing and racket ball. Of course, being Ktarian he spent his 8 years living on Ktaria VII skiing on the famous glaciers.

Kapalar studied hard at school, but still looked at everything, no matter how small, as if it was small and exciteing. Very clumsy, many of his classmates used to laugh at him and Kapalar was always easily embarrassed and looked a little nervous. As such his success with girls was never spectacular.

His eldest brother had long gone to study medicine and because of that took many years before joining Starfleet academy. But as his brother graduated in 2379, Kapalar decided to follow him in.

Kapalar’s father was warrior cast and his mother healers cast. His brother Rocar was also a doctor and joined the academy late. Kapalar shocked the family by choosing to be an engineer –a job that nobody in the Ktarian family had ever practiced. Aged only 17, Kapalar gained entry into the Academy and began his three years study.

Kapalar was by no means the best student in his class and had to work hard for every module, but he averaged out okay and rather than being laughed at, the Ktarians clumlinesswas well received with the corps of engineers. Making some good friends for the first time, Kapalar always remained the quiet one on nights out and still got easily embarrassed and nervous. His habbit to over worry about everything, he learnt to control a little but still it occurred inside his thoughts!

Now a full Ensign In 2381 Kapalar was posted to the USS COLUMBIA.


Embarrassing himself in front of strangers.


One of Kapalar’s main hobbies is Cooking. His speciality being Ktarian Chocolate Puff with 17 different varieties of Chocolate. A corner of his personal quarters has been converted into a kitchen area, and Rocar tends to avoid using the replicator, enjoying a trip to the Starbases promenade to purchase genuine food ingredients from the many alien traders.

He also enjoys all forms of Skiing, is an avid rock climber and is a brilliant Bass Trombonists.


When on repair duties, Kapalar likes to remove his uniform jacket and roll up the sleeves on his yellow under tunic. Kapalar’s approach is one of panic, he lacks the suave sophistication of his older brothers and classmates. Instead he will worry incessantly about getting the task wrong.


- 6’1” but short for a Ktarian. Kapalar is strong and in good shape but by no means over built or extremely muscular. As such he seems a bit puny and child-like amongst over Ktarians.

- Left handed

- old skiing injuries mean his leg has been repaired after breakage a few times.


Kapalar is of sound mind. His only phobia seems to be of spiders and his mother insists this comes from being an experience as a 6 month old baby on Cardassia. (note Ktarians grow at twice the rate of human children at the early stages after birth!) He seems to be easily embarrassed and is always a little nervous, butit’s hoped he may grow out of it.

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Professional History

  • Date Graduated from Academy: 238104.28
  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Current Assignment:
  • Duty Post:

Briefly served under Captain Mal Avatar aboard the USS Columbia

2379 06.22: Joins Starfleet Academy at the corp of engineers

2381 04.28: Graduates early after completing some exams quicker. Having worked hard, he has no where near as many achievements or qualifications as others (including his older brothers,) but he has enough for what he’d like to do.

Served briefly on the USS Columbia.

Awards & Commendations

  • None