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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Dajunari Zinera MSNPC.png
Four Letter Code KYAN
Federation Status First Contact made 2393
Planet of Origin Kamir
Encountered CON: "Medina Ascending"
Current Tech Level G
List of Named Kameryans

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The Kameryans are a humanoid species located in the Alpha Quadrant.


  • Proper Name: Kameryan
  • Sub-species: Zinera, Ular, Petryr, Noram, Gador

Home System

  • Proper Name: Kamir
  • Pronunciation: Ca-meer
  • Quadrant: Alpha
  • Moons: 5

Home World

  • Proper Name: Kamir
  • Pronunciation: Ca-meer
  • Diameter: 7,917.5 mi
  • Gravity: 0.9
  • Orbital Period: 285 Days
  • Rotational Period: 27 hours 3 minutes
  • Classification: M
    • Surface Water: 79%
    • Landmass: 5 continents, which are not connected with each other
    • Atmosphere: Nitrogen, oxygen, trace elements
    • Climate: variable




Kameryan are a sentient humanoid species. The physical features of the Kameryan differ between each sub-species. They do have some things in common though. Kameryan have markings in their face, which vary between the sub-species.



Zineras' skin colours vary from yellow, over orange to red. Their hair colours are usually in the same range. The eyes of all Zinera are red. Their markings are in the same flamen colours, but are distinguishable from their skin. That means if someone has a yellow skin their markings are orange and red, if their skin is read they are orange and yellow etc. The markings are finely swung lines that resemble a single slender flame.

The Zinera are a temperamental race, believed to carry the fire of Kamir in them. It is easy for them to lose their temper. Zinera are fierce warriors living in close-knit tribes.


Ulars' skin colours go from different green to brown colours, same goes for their hair. The eyes of all Ular are deep brown. Their markings are in the same natural colours but are distinguishable from their skin. The markings resemble lateral veins of leaves.

Ular are connected to nature of Earth, plants and trees. They are a little rough around the edges in their behaviour, but mostly calm. Most healers belong to this sub group, but they are also known to teach those of other sub-species that seek them out to learn the art of healing. They live in wide-spread communities, mostly in trees and get rather creative with how to get their living space situated.


The skin of Petryr comes in all shades of blue, same with their hair. The eyes of all Petryr are of a teal blue. Markings on their skin are in different shades of blue as well, resembling soft waves, they are distinguisable from the skin color. Between fingers and toes of the Petryr is extra skin which allows them to swim easily. They have gills (and a respiratory system that can extract oxygen from the water) and lungs, which allows them to breath under water and on land.

Petyr live under water in reefs and houses made from materials found in the sea. They are calm, until provoked.


The skin of Gador is white, which also goes for their hair. They do not have any other color variation in skin or hair. The eyes of all Gador are of a light silver. Their markings are of a slightly darker colour than their skin and resemble filligree swirls. Their skin allows to absorb oxygen in the air in addition to their lungs, which helps them in their natural environment on high mountains.

Gador are pacifists and peaceful also in their temper. They rarely speak and prefer to reflect on the meaning of life.

Every Gador leaves the mountains once to wander the world and widen their horizon, but they always return to their home. The Gador are what would be closest to monks or spiritualists in other species.

The Gador open their doors to those seeking peace, reflection and silence as long as their rules are being followed.


The skin of Noram comes in different shades of dark purple to black, their hair is dark gray to black. Their eyes are lavender. The Noram have no markings in their natural state. They developed night vision and longer and stronger fingers than those of the other sub-species, through evolution, making them perfect diggers, which helps them in their underground living.

Noram are strong willed and thick headed. It is difficult to convince them of something different once their opinion is made. The only time they come to the surface is at night, as they are highly sensitive to light.


All Kameryans are androgynous in appearance and are hermaphrodites (they possess female and a male productive organs).


Temperament and way to live vary between the sub species as well.







Every Kameryan carries their sub species as their last name in honor to the god of their specific domain.

The first 10 years every Kameryan walks their life without a name, but a designation that coincides with their birth. Once the child is 10 years old it has to pass a rite designed for them specifically to earn their name. If they fail they may try again until their name is earned. The name is chosen by the child themselves.



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