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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code KALR
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Rigel VII
Encountered TOS: The Cage
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level Unknown
List of Named Kalar

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The Kalar are a warrior species that populate Rigel VII, and are considered the first sentient species within the Rigel system. However, despite being native to Rigel, the Kalar are not part of the Rigelian Assembly, due to tensions between themselves and vulcanoid Rigelians.

Home System

See also: Rigel V, Rigel VII

Most Kalar today are born on Rigel VII, their people having lived on the planet for centuries, though the species as a whole are native to Rigel V. This has caused continuous tension between the Kalar and the Rigelians, which is why the inhabitants of Rigel VII have not been extended an invitation to the Rigelian Assembly. However, the Rigelians are still happy to employ (or exploit) the Kalar people for projects both outside and within the Rigel system.


Rigel V was initially the Kalar native homeworld. Primitive and dominators of their land, the Kalar engaged in constant conflict among their own tribal confederacies. They would have a long and complicated relationship with the Orions early in their history, as Kalar would be taken as slaves or recruited and individually uplifted to serve the Orion Syndicate as mercenaries - this allowed members of the Kalar species to be found in galactic society as rather progressive and advanced, though there were few of them whom found ways to leave Syndicate service, and those left on the homeworld would continue with their barbaric way of society.

The Kalar allowed their world to be continuously exploited by the Orions. There were attempts by the Orion Syndicate to establish Orion supremacy on the planet, though these attempts resulted in many non-Kalar casualties, the Orions massacred.

Though they were a primitive society and had no technology of their own, the Kalar were well-armed by the Orions. This would prove problematic for a commander of a V'gelnian fleet - the V’gelnian people, offshoots from a vulcanoid society, also found conquering the Kalar incredibly difficult when they attempted to take the star system for themselves. When brute force failed initially, the V'gelnian attempted to instead share the star system, utilizing diplomatic means, which was also refuted by the Kalar.

Fighting between the humanoid and vulcanoid factions would last for a century before V'gelnian forces successfully claimed the warmer continent of Rigel V. Negotiating new trade deals with the Orions, the V'gelnian would spend the several decades forcefully removing Kalar from their homeland, resituating them on Rigel VII, leaving just a small portion of their people to act as slaves. Their final insult would be to rename the planet, calling it V’geln.

In 2254, a captain of a Starfleet crew had a violent encounter with a Kalar on Rigel VII, during which three crew members were killed and seven were injured. By this time, they still had not established substantial technology for themselves.

Rigelians were involved in a joint venture with a group of Kalar to establish a new Federation colony on Votar VII, in which the Kalar were contracted to provide construction and repair services. However, the Rigelians attempted to renegotiate their contract in 2368, and attempted to force a lower rate of compensation upon the Kalar workers. The Kalar refused the new terms, and in retaliation, launched an attack on a dam and power planet, effectively 'repossessing' the facility and cutting the power it provided to its colony. A Starfleet vessel would be sent to mediate, the Federation concerned that the Kalar would destroy the dam to the strategically important Votar colony. Ultimately, after mediators threatened to cancel future contracts with the Rigelian people, the dispute was resolved peacefully.

During the 2360s, a Kobliad fugitive used a subspace shunt to access and purge everything in the active memory of computer systems on Kalar homeworld. He was not caught, and would later attempt a similar attack on a Bajoran space station.



The Kalar are humanoid, virtually indistinguishable from Humans, though are somewhat larger in size. Because of this, they are primarily considered for hard manual labour.


The majority of Kalar bore a strong physical resemblance to Humans, and also possess tail bones. Kalar are unlikely to have blue eyes.


Volatile and often violent, the Kalar harbor distrust towards the Rigelians and outsiders. They are warriors first and foremost, and struggle with diplomacy.








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