Ensign Kala is a Deltan currently serving as a Engineering Officer aboard the USS Constitution-B.

USS Constitution
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Position Engineering Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Deltan
Gender Female
DOB 237008.08
Age 30
Birthplace Kitesh, Delta IV
Writer ID C239312K10


  • Height: 175cm
  • Weight: 64kg
  • Hair Color: Not Applicable
  • Length of Hair: None
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Skin Tone: Light Skinned
  • Build: Swimmer’s build. Thin, but with well developed muscles.
  • Taste in Clothing (Off Duty): She is particularly fond of flowing, loose clothing, made of light, breathable fabrics.
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous.


  • Parents: Oona (mother), Raen (Father)
  • Siblings: Zara (twin)
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None


Psychological Profile

Kala is a true idealist, always looking for the hint of goodness in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better. She has an unwavering belief that all sentience is, in essence, inherently good, which lends itself to an innately resilient attitude in the face of hardship. While she may appear calm, reserved and even shy, she possesses an inner flame and passion that can truly shine when stoked. Seems to have a deeply rooted belief that no one can understand her – at least no non-Deltan.

She has shown no interest at all in holding power over others, and, in fact, she seems to be particularly averted to domineering attitudes and personalities. Despite, or perhaps because of, this, she has often been described as a promising leader who prefers a more democratic approach, and classmates and professors alike agree that when thrust into a position of leadership she will work hard and tirelessly to ensure that every voice and perspective is heard.

Over her academy years, Kala has displayed a distaste for being constrained by rules, although she does not deliberately tries to break or bend them either. In general, she seems to prefer to be guided by her own personal code. Personality tests and observation conducted over the years supports this conclusion, and as long as her principles and ideas are not being challenged, she has shown to generally support others’ right to do what they think is right.

Her intuitive nature, combined with a natural open-mindedness seems to allow her to see things from unconventional perspectives. She seems to possess an innate ability to solve puzzles and find creative solutions for problems, being able to connect many proverbial far-flung dots into a single theme.

Kala also possesses a striking and inspiring trait. When a project captures her imagination and speaks to her personal beliefs, her passion seems boundless, and she can easily dedicate all her time, energy, thoughts and emotions to it, resembling a healthy if consuming obsession. This trait seems to be the driving force behind her excellent performance at the academy.

With that said, she is also held back by a number of weaknesses.

While her idealistic ways provide her with a unique, pleasant outlook of life, she tends to take it too far, and as such set herself up for disappointment as she cannot comprehend the reasoning behind acts which she sees as evil. When her belief in goodness is shattered by events in the real world, she tends to disconnect herself from reality, which may prove harmful and dangerous to herself and those close to her as she loses her ability to recognize dangerous situations.

Her strong altruistic nature can also sometimes hold her back, as she pushes herself to commit to a chosen cause or person, driving her to neglect the needs of others in her life, including her own.

She has also displayed a tendency toward taking challenges and criticism personally. This can at times greatly affect her self-confidence and her ability to work in teams.

Hobbies & Pastimes

Kala is an avid dancer, and, in general, appreciates every form of corporal expression. She is an accomplished competitive gymnast, having won several competitions in her home world. In addition to that, she is also a devoted swimmer. She used to start her day with an hour-long swim before joining Starfleet, and that is one of the things she misses the most since joining.


Kala was born in the island village of Kitesh, in Delta IV, the Deltan homeworld, in 2370, a few minutes before her fraternal twin, Zara. Her parents, like the rest of the village, led very traditional lifestyles, and as such she did not have any contact with off-worlders until after she finished her secondary education.

Because Deltan pheromones and psychic abilities form during gestation, Kala and Zara developed a strong bond between themselves, which manifested from early on. They did everything together and their parents often said, half-jokingly, that the two shared a single consciousness.

Some of Kala’s fondest childhood memories are of her and her sister lying on the beach, stargazing and counting the stars in the sky. They would do it almost every day before going to bed, and that quickly became a little ritual. It was then that Kala’s inquisitive and curious mind began showing herself, as she began imagining what these stars would look like from up close.

As she grew up, so did her ambitions, and by the time she reached her teens she already had her mind set on becoming a Starfleet officer, seeking new life and civilizations and boldly going where no Deltan had gone before. While her family and community were generally supportive of her dream, her parents were still very concerned about having one of their children living off, and they were worried as to the effects that the long term separation could have on both Kala and her sister.

After her graduation from secondary school, she decided that she wanted to “seek the stars”. While at first her sister insisted that she remained on the planet, as she matured Zara eventually came to understand and even cherish Kala’s dream, and she was the one who suggested that Kala should take some time to travel the quadrant and experience the universe as she wanted.

In 2387 Kala left Delta IV for the moon x, seeking to prove to herself that she could live away from her family and still preserve her Deltan essence. There she volunteered to work in a passenger cruise ship, the SS Majestic Sun, as a stewardess. During the six months she spent aboard the ship she found herself visiting many worlds, though her guarded nature kept her from making too many friends, but fortunately the long work hours kept her distracted, helping her avoid the separation anxiety.

Upon her return, she was more decided than ever to join Starfleet, her cultural horizons expanded beyond what she thought possible. She knew that leaving her home and her family behind wouldn’t be easy, but her desire to seek the stars was far too great, so, after frustrating two years, during which she repeatedly tried and failed the Starfleet Admissions exams, she was finally accepted into Starfleet.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 239312.27 Graduated Starfleet Academy Engineering
Ensign 239312.28 - Present USS Constitution-B Engineering

Awards & Service Ribbons

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Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Year or Stardate
Starfleet Academy
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