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Kala'din IV

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Kala'din IV
Stellar Cartography
Region Par'tha Expanse
Sector Freeworlds Region
System Kala'din system
Sun(s) 1 (Kala'din)
Moon(s) 3
Class M
Diameter 13100km
Atmosphere Nitrogen-Oxygen, moderate Carbon Dioxide and trace Argon content; Earth-normal pressure
Hydrosphere 62% surface water; one large sea, and some smaller lakes
Climate Temperate, with normal seasonal variation
Gravity 1 G
Primary terrain plains, forest, mountains
Length of Day 27h
Length of Year 351d
Native species Naylar
Other species none
Official Language Naylar
Population 5.2 billion
Technological Classification openly J (really N+)
Major cities Yaral'dra'taan (Capital)
Affiliation independent; Freeworlds Council Member
Government Theocratic Oligarchy; Freeworlds Council Member
Kala'din system Star   I   II   III   Belt   IV   V   VI   VI   VIII
  • Sapient Species: Naylar (About 5.2 Billion, with another 1.5 billion throughout the system)
  • Culture: Cunning, honor-bound and intelligence-driven, who prefer a non-aggressive approach to interstellar diplomacy but can be vicious when provoked
  • Resources: numerous raw materials, artistic and cultural products, the asteroid belt provides various minerals, while the gas giants have various gases and elements (secretly, advanced technological items and information)
  • Places of Note: numerous ancient Temple-Fortresses; capital city of Yaral'dra'taan
  • Ship Facilities: Openly, the Naylar have one rudimentary space station orbiting their homeworld. Secretly, there are two other cloaked, highly advanced starports and cloaked ship contruction facility in orbit, with another six cloaked starports and eight cloaked ship construction facilities spread throughout the system. There are also three cloaked habitat construction facilities in system.
  • Other Details: