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USS Doyle-A
Damir Kaji
Position Medical Student
Rank Lieutenant
Species Rodulan/Human
Gender Male
DOB 236306.11
Age 38
Birthplace Tikan City, Rodul

Lt Damir Kaji is assigned as a medical student aboard the USS Doyle-A.


  • Age: 29 Actual, (5 Linear)
  • Birthdate: 238706.11
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build: Lean
  • Distinguishing Marks: Extensive scarring across left cheek, forehead and temple.


Personal History

Damir Benjiro Kaji was originally born Benjiro Kaji in 238706.11. In the mid 2390's, his timeline diverged from that of Benjiro Kaji, and he was raised in a war-torn galaxy slowly being consumed by The Hunger. His mother died when he was a child and he was raised by friends, including Captain Nugra. He took after his mother and became a doctor, joining the floudering Federation fleet as soon as he was old enough. In 2414, he was serving on The Victory, the last surviving Federation ship led by Captain Sundassa Faranster. The ship made a last desperate run for help, using a star to slingshot their way into the past. They were found by the USS Victory in 239109.

The two crews worked together to close the Yeltan Gate in the Duronis system, and the Hunger was prevented from invading, thus changing the timeline. The 28-year old Ben Kaji now had a whole future in front of him he'd never expected and a family he'd lost long ago.

His first goal was to create a new identity for himself. His past was classified, so he needed a new one. He took the name Damir Kaji, so that he wouldn't be confused with his younger self, who he calls his "brother". Not technically having a Starfleet commission, he joined Starfleet officially and was given the rank of Lieutenant based on his previous service (in another military). He enrolled in Starfleet's medical program to earn the degree he'd never gotten a chance to get before.

Choosing A Name

Damir's birth name, "Benjiro" is a Terran name meaning "enjoy peace" from his father's Japanese heritage. His parents chose it for him as a blessing, but it was not to be. Rather than growing up in peace, he grew up in a war zone, his parents killed when he was very young. When he came back in time, he had a second chance for life. His name, however, was taken by the young version of himself. He didn't want to take away Ben Kaji's name, so for a while he simply went by "Benjamin" because it was close. When he created his new identity, however, he was told to choose a name to be his permanently. He wanted to pick a name with meaning, but he hoped it wouldn't end as ironically. He asked his mother to choose a name for him, since she'd chosen his first name. She chose the name "Damir," which means "to give peace," because it speaks of choice rather than fate.

Empathy Differences

Ben Kaji was born half Rodulan and half Terran. He had a four-lobed brain, meaning he could not be read by most other telepaths. He was empathic, but not telepathic. However, when he was 12, a massive explosion cause a terrible head injury. Two of his brain lobes were damaged. His brain was able to retrain itself to use only two lobes, and he regained his motor skills, speech, and most other abilities. However he lost his mental empathy skills and was now able to be read easily by most telepaths.

Federation Service

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
STO Lieutenant Teal.jpg Lieutenant 241407.22-239109.15 The Victory Chief Medical Officer
STO Lieutenant Teal.jpg Lieutenant 239109 - 239203 Starbase 118 Medical Student
STO Lieutenant Teal.jpg Lieutenant 239109 - 239203 USS Doyle-A Medical Student

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