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Lieutenant Commander Kael Mason Thomas is currently serving aboard the USS Ursa Major. Kael being a young officer has climbed quickly through the ranks and has no intention of stopping just yet. Currently serving as Chief Engineering Officer Kael is always eager to get his hands dirty and to get every bit of plasma out of the Warp Core. With his new assignment, the Lt cmdr is quite sure there are many more journeys awaiting him.



  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Height: 6'
  • Weight: 208 pounds
  • Skin Tone: Tanned Caucasian
  • Scars: None
  • Build: Kael is a physically muscular man. He has always enjoyed sports, and finds his engineering job much easier if he is in peak physical condition. During times off in missions, Kael will find himself quite often in the gym, or playing hologames.
  • Presence: Kael gets on well with people, when he shares a common goal, or interest. Kael often finds it difficult to initiate conversations.
  • Handedness: Right

Family History

  • Mother: Jolaina Thomas Administraion Officer for Romulan Affairs
  • Father: Reynold Thomas Personal Assistant to Chief Operations Earth
  • Siblings: Graham Thomas Chief Tactical Officer USS FAIRFAX

Personal History

Kael grew up on earth, in a quiet, yet studious home. He spent most of his younger life engrossed in how stuff works, rather than socializing with other children. School life always came easy to Kael. He excelled in Engineering, and found most complex equations and simulations simply logical.

His parents whom both are working In starfleet administration. Kael doesn't really have much to do with his parents. They never held him back adademically, but never offered him any love or support either. However he makes an attempt to see them whenever he can.

Kael's older and only brother Graham is currently serving on the USS FAIRFAX. Serving as Chief Tactical Officer. Graham is more like a best mate to Kael then brothers. They are very close, and often communicate with each other.

Professional History

Kael entered Starfleet’s advanced engineering division after graduating from the Academy. Kael while there chose his sub majoring thesis as Bio-Neural Gelpacks. This was the leading factor to his Post on the Victory.

The Victory was his first posting and was posted aboard the Victory on 238010.15. He began work immediately as an Engineering Officer. While on the ship he worked in many departments, for a time was Acting CEO and during the remainder of his time there he was a security officer.

When Victory’s first officer, was given command of her own ship, Kael and several of his other crew members were transferred to the Aurora. A nova class science vessel. Kael’s immediate posting was that of Chief Operations officer. During his time on the Aurora, Kael received the Voyager Medallion award. A great award as it honours him with excellence in starship operations; an award, never given out before.

It was during this time that Captain Parker, his CO fell dangerously Ill, and despite the best efforts of the crew, and Starbase doctors, passed away. It was a difficult time for Kael and the rest of the Aurora crew.

With their CO no longer in command, Starfleet brought in one of the most experienced men in the fleet. Vice Admiral Hollis, long serving officer and respected amongst the fleet. He took over command of the crew, and their new ship; USS URSA MAJOR A Sovereign class vessel, one of the most advanced in the fleet.

Kael's recent promotion of Lt Cmdr and position of Chief Engineer on URSA MAJOR has given him a renewed sense of pride, and advancement. This rank gives him greater responsibility and shows that people think he can rise higher.

Character Data

Rank Upgrades

  • Ensign: 238010.15
  • Lieutenant JG: 238108.18
  • Lieutenant: 238201.01
  • Lt. Commander: 238212.18