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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code KJLN
Federation Status Allied
Planet of Origin Kyyjat
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level K+ / L
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Kaejilans (also known as "Kyyshok") are a humanoid species that are native to the planet Kyyjat. The Kaejilans have a rich and one of the oldest cultures within the alpha quadrant. Kaejilans society are known for there biggest MAGLEV transportation on all 3 planets.


Kaejilans resemble Humans in appearance, and are distinguished by a series of. The Kaejilans heart is mirrored along a horizontal axis, unlike the Human heart, which is mirrored along a vertical axis. Most Kaejilans have brown skin, tightly coiled black hair, and physiognomic features similar to those found in Humans of African descent. Kaejilans also have 2 extra set of canines, and a pair of fangs.

Kaejilans are cobalt based lifeforms


Ancient Kaejilans

There are no fixed or universally agreed upon dates for the beginning or the end of the ancient Kaejilans period. In common usage it can refer to all Kyyhague history before the Kyyshujk Tiemnar , but historians use the term more precisely. The ancient (aka Kyyhague) have been known to date back as early as 290.000 BC and spanned out across over a dozen systems. Ancient Kaejilans had discovered fusion generators, as well as Faster-then-light travel. It Is not certain how they're demised happened, Though many believe it was due to a diplomatic shift during the Kyyhague Ujete, which caused the entire empire to collapse, which is said to be around 180.000 BC

Kaejilan Genesis

Since the demise of the Kyyhague Ujete, most Kyyhague's became extinct due to poverty since the liberation. For the next 5 millenniums Kaejilans experienced a “dark age” where no archaeological evidence, and text survived at all. In fact what's considered as the genesis of the Kaejilan's is a painting dating back to 183,718 BC which depicted Kaejilans living in a chiefdom society.

For many centuries saw most these cheifdoms fight for territory on Kyyjat, until 181,500 BC which documented a unison on the northern continent.

Agaesan Kyyshujk

Kyyshol Golden Age

During the years of


Kaejilan and the Federation


Kaejilans follow a semi-Meritocracy. Where a Kaejilan is given a job, due to Merit, and Honor they have within soceity. Usually Kaejilan towns and cities are governed by an oligarchy of the best suited for the position. Which the members of each town will meet at a forum, and decide upon the the entire race advancement, or other topics that should arise at a forum.


Kaejilans society is rather obscure to other humanoid societies. Kaejilans like to be around with many people. Usually cities are formed around universities since Kaejilan society is based on Merit. Kaejilans society is structured and organized into "nests". These Nests are usually a group of many friends living within one housing. Though these nests do not differ the species marital status. All the adults within the nest usually share a best friend or extended family bond, while usually having a mate to settle with too. Some nests can be as large as 12 adults, though most consist of 4-6 adults.


There are five Kaejilan religions. Kaejilans usually have their haircut to symbolize their faith and religion This is usually just for the Male Kaejilans though. All Kaejilan religions heavily teach to embrace and accept one another religion, Though through history this hasn't always been the case.

Despite some radical hairstyles for certain Kaejilan religions, all religions seem to be a deriative of one another, and that their are slight differences, and some seems more brutal, while others are more pacifist-like.