Fairioni K'Ariadust

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Fairioni k'Ariadust

Most Wanted

Fairioni k'Ariadust is a more direct scion of the political Ariadust dynasty, which has it's Matriarch on the Council of Queens. Fairioni followed a fairly standard progression, receiving political training and training to dampen her mental emissions. Unlike her daughter, Ceciri, Fairioni is more prone to showing her emotions. At roughly 45, she made her name by advocating a more pro Cygnetian policy, at the expense of the Federation.

During the Dominion War, Fairioni capitalized on the panic, especially after the Fall of the Betazed and led to the building and construction of Erania, a starbase built at roughly 25 AU out from ω1 Cygni B.

However, eventually her backlash took her too far, and she was outmaneuvered by Sharioni Ariadust, her direct cousin. She was disgraced, and opted to retire while she could still manage to do so with some grace. With the death of her husband in 237510.01, she became a freighter captain. At some time after her ship was lost on SD 238701.12, Fairioni disappeared from the shipping company.

In 239206.14, she broke in to a Top Secret biohazard lab that dated to the Dominion War with the aid of a cloaked ship and what appears to be Klingon marauders. Killing at least 10 personnel, she destroyed the records and much of the lab before grabbing something and escaping.

She attempted to use the bioweapon, but was stopped by the crew of the USS Doyle-A in 2392 and was extradited to the new government on Cygnet XIV. In late 2392, her trial started, but in 2393, she was reported as having committed suicide [1]

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