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Lieutenant Commander Julio Vannini
USS Victory

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Julio Vannini, also referred as JV for his closest friends, is a Terran male, currently posted as Assistant Chief Engineer Officer on the USS Victory.


  • Full Name: Julio Vannini
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Race: Terran
  • Date of Birth: 235103.21
  • Place of Birth: Manziana, Italy, Sol III
  • Gender: Male


  • Height: 1.74 mts.
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown


  • Spouse: None
  • Children
    • Cesar Vannini
    • Alessandra Vannini
  • Parents
    • Father: Fatima Vannini
    • Mother: Oscar Vannini
  • Siblings:
    • Adriana Vannini
    • Antonio Vannini

Vessels where he has served

Starbase 118 Ops

USS Discovery-B

USS Victory

Professional History

237312.10 Major in Computational Science from the University of Rome, SOL III.

237401.01 Researcher for the Starfleet Research Facility at the Mediterranean Sea, SOL III under the supervision of PhD. Enzo Firelli.

237903.01 Entered the Engineering Major at the Starfleet Academy Campus, Los Angeles, California, SOL III.

238304.14 Assigned to StarBase 118 Operations as Assistant Chief Engineer after graduating from the Academy.

238307.12: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Posted to the new USS Discovery-B as Assistant Chief Engineer Officer.

238307.12: Awarded with the Neelix Award and TOSMA I Award.

238405.16: Promoted to Full Lieutenant.

238501.26: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and as Chief Engineer Officer of the USS Discovery B.

238501.26: Awarded with the B-Plot Award and the Silver Palm Award

238702.07: Named Chief Tactical Officer of the USS Discovery B.

238703.01: Transferred to Utopia Planitia Shipyards to monitor the construction of a new Science Pod for USS Discovery-B. (posting due to LOA)

238804.04: Reassigned to the Intrepid class vessel USS Victory as Assistant Chief Engineer Officer, with the rank of Liutenant. (demotion according to UFOP regulation for returning officers with a LOA of 12 months or more)

Personal History

[UPDS Officer's Profile]

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